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  1. The Mothman Legend and Deaths
  2. Could Bigfoot be lurking in Indiana?
  3. Long thought extinct, ivory-billed woodpecker rediscovered in Big Woods of Arkansas
  4. Opening the first crypto museum in the world
  5. Scientists find jelly sea creature that hangs out the red light
  6. World's oldest creature alive and well in Scotland
  7. Brothers discover gigantic moth, release creature back into wild
  8. Shocking new photo evidence of a plesiosaur in Loch Ness/Lochness Webcam !
  9. Florida's monster
  10. Big Spider
  11. Was it El Chupacabra?
  12. C2C Chupacabra Skull Pic?
  13. What "Cryptid(s)" Do you believe in most?
  14. Bigfoot & Sasquatch - Sightings, News & Updates
  15. Big reward offered for Cryptid photograph
  16. Mysterious animal rampages Yogomaia in Sierra Leone
  17. Stalin Wanted Half Man Half Ape Super Warriors
  18. "Zoobies"
  19. Sotona & Satanail
  20. New "Champ" video
  21. Comparing DLP stories & info
  22. swimming ants!
  23. Caroliona mystery beast, a fox?
  24. Sasquatch Detective Agency
  25. Chupacabra
  26. Monsters from beneath the Bermuda Triangle
  27. Cool Reworked Bigfoot Video
  28. Unknown species found in isolated Israeli caves systems
  29. What is this Winged Creature?
  30. Bigfoot studies render academic an outcast
  31. Dolphin with 'remains of legs'
  32. Big Foot Sightings in Arizona
  33. Game Camera Photo OF Bigfoot
  34. giants
  35. the same
  36. The Green Children of Banjos
  37. Sea Monsters
  38. Loch Ness
  39. Rods - What are they?
  40. My Bigfoot Story
  41. New Thunderbird Sightings?
  42. Satellite Could Spot Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster
  43. Georgia Bigfoot?
  44. 'Yeti prints' found near Everest
  45. Top 10 Bigfoot Stories of 2007 - Loren Coleman
  46. "Reality"? - Man-eating Trees and Mongolian Death Worms
  47. Lizard Man - South Carolina Legend
  48. Bhutan Expedition to Hunt for Yeti
  49. Montauk Monster
  50. Caucasus Mountains - Scientists 'had close encounter with wildman'
  51. News conference to discuss claims of 'bigfoot' find
  52. Sweden's Nessie?
  53. Leave them Be.
  54. Paranormal Moon Walking Cryptoid
  55. Mongolian Death Worm
  56. Swamp Monster
  57. Yeti Filmed in Poland?
  58. Bigfoot in Fresno
  59. Mythical White Stag Found
  60. Top 10 Cryptozoology Stories of 2009
  61. The "Water Bull" of Rabisha Lake - Bulgaria's "Nessie"
  62. The Story of Zana - Villagers Remember Descendants of a Bigfoot
  63. The Patterson Footage
  64. Albert Ostman Bigfoot Abduction
  65. Britain's Leading Cryptozoologist
  66. Hairy Sea Monster???????
  67. Incredible Alligator Feeding Frenzy Caught On Tape
  68. Jane Goodall Believes in Bigfoot
  69. Southern Sasquatch aka Fouke Monster
  70. Interview With Richard Freeman
  71. Monster Hunters Of Britain
  72. Sea Monster: New Manta Ray Species Found!
  73. new breed super squirrel??
  74. So long, and thanks for all the fish
  75. New lizard found
  76. 9 strangest animals
  77. Museum of the Weird, Austin, Tx
  78. Chupacabras
  79. Ancient Flying Reptile Identified On B.C. Coast
  80. Has bigfoot been bagged and tagged only to be carted off by the MIB?
  81. Siberia Plans 'Institute To Study Yetis'
  82. Oxford study - dark winters leads to bigger brains and eyes
  83. Mystery Roadkill Prompts DNR Investigation
  84. Chupacabra Captured?
  85. Yeti''s Finger
  86. Bizarre muppet-like beast discovered in Namibia
  87. Crypto meets xeno and the elders
  88. Photo of Big Foot Bathing?
  89. Bigfoot Map
  90. Mississippi Bigfoot
  91. If you could have Any Cryptid of the end of a leash....
  92. Bigfoot Is Big Business
  93. Manticore Plague Sweeps From Europe Into USA