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  1. Reincarnation - Shanti's Story
  2. The Guff of Souls
  3. Why Things Happen - Karma or Other?
  4. Peter Novak
  5. Soul Mates and Twin Flames
  6. Luck And OR Fate Guardian Angel?
  7. What happens when you die?
  8. Karma????
  9. Getting to know the female critter (Humor? ah sort of.)
  10. The Brain Made Dead. The Mystical Mind
  11. "Before I Got Here" for adults
  12. Can one sell their Soul? If you could, would You and for what?
  13. Choices, Choices
  14. Reincarnation - Past Life & Death Experiences & Memories
  15. Interventions
  16. Coincidences or Synchronicities of your Lifetime
  17. What Do You Believe Follows Death?
  18. Soul Groups - Do they Exist?
  19. The Secret
  20. Enochemas
  21. Free Will V. Determinism
  22. The Boy Who Lived Before - Cool Video of Reincarnated UK Kid
  23. Enlightenment, the Ego, the Self and the Soul - Michael Tsarion
  24. The past, present, and future by Jim Morrison & the doors!
  25. Scientific & Rationalistic Proof of Life After Death - Michael Roll
  26. War in Heaven Part I
  27. Avoiding the Collective Karma
  28. Can we really stop genocide?
  29. Karma
  30. JFK/Lincoln Reincarnation?
  31. You ever feel Out of Place?
  32. Reincarnation - Past Life Evidence in Small Boy?
  33. Mysteries of the Unnamed Dead
  34. Poem & Limericks - by: Jinxaclee
  35. Coincidence, Synchronicity, Destiny, Karma?
  36. 'Till Death Do Us Part
  37. Feeling out of place
  38. Diana, Reincarnation of Duchess of Devonshire?
  39. Thiers something I need to get off my chest
  40. Journey of Souls - Michael Newton
  41. The Past Life Tapes
  42. A short spiritual essay - the power of planning
  43. Website Offers Emails From Beyond The Grave
  44. Karmageddon
  45. Woman Author Seeks Her Past Life Murderer
  46. Love Hurts, Love Wounds
  47. Total Past Life Recall - The Universal Heritage - Matias de Stefano
  48. Documentary: Little Man
  49. "The 27 Club" - Rock and Age of 27 - Amy Winehouse found dead - Another Among Many
  50. Do Our Pets Go To the Afterlife? Pet Soul Contracts & Communication - Danielle MacKinnon
  51. Do Our Souls Plan Life’s Challenges, Struggles & Sufferings Before Birth? - Robert Schwartz
  52. Past Life Regression - Dr Brian Weiss
  53. Previous Lives - BBC Supernatural Science
  54. Spirit's Dream, The Mental Universe: What is Life according to the Egyptian Mystery Schools?
  55. Soul Contracts
  56. Does Death Exist? New Theory Says ‘No’
  57. What Your Loved Ones In Spirit Want & Need From You
  58. Tibetan Book of the Dead
  59. 14 Stories That Prove Animals Have Souls
  60. A Letter from Fred
  61. Scientist Photographs The Soul Leaving The Body
  62. Past Life Memories Lead Woman To Reunite With Her Children From Previous Lifetime
  63. Are Fate and Free Will both Illusions?
  64. Cases Of Afterlife and Reincarnation Understanding
  65. In Another Life
  66. Astral City/Nosso Lar
  67. Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives Regression
  68. Life, Death & the Afterlife - Don Miguel Ruiz
  69. Do We Plan Our Lives Before We Are Born?
  70. What Do Birthmarks Have To Do With Reincarnation ..or do they?
  71. Children Who Seem to Remember Past Lives as Monks: Details Verified
  72. Who/What Are We ( Souls?)?- Why do we exist?
  73. Quantum Physics Proves That Death Is An Illusion
  74. 5 Things Only Old Souls Will Understand
  75. Death Is Just An Illusion: We Continue To Live In A Parallel Universe
  76. 'Light' After Life -- How Long Does It Live On After We Die?
  77. Syncs X 3! Princess **'s fate foretold on 11/26/01 - to Ian on Coast to Coast AM!
  78. Frank Edwards' Fateful Forecast - REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR - December 7, 1939! - Owensville, IN
  79. 'Sirius-Eye In The Sky' by The Alan Parsons Project could be a synchronous mystery!
  80. Do We Have Free Will?
  81. When Lions Protect Prey