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01-21-2008, 10:55 AM
I'm listening to Art Bell's classic show from July 24, 2004, this morning. I copied the following from that show's C2C website material. I think it is still interesting. You think?

The Japan Incident

http://www.coasttocoastam.com/timages/page/japan_sea0704b_sm.jpg (http://www.coasttocoastam.com/gen/page555.html?theme=light)While looking up where his relatives live on satellite maps of Earth (website (http://www.fourmilab.to/cgi-bin/uncgi/Earth)), a Coast listener from Las Vegas, NV discovered bright lights that seemed out of place in the middle of the Sea of Japan. The lights (see images to the left - click for enlargements (http://www.coasttocoastam.com/gen/page555.html?theme=light)) show areas of illumination seemingly as bright as the city lights of Tokyo or Seoul.

Dr. Oren Swearingen of Texas also discovered this strange phenomena after combing through raw footage from NASA's live TV feed of the STS-111 mission. Images from Space Shuttle Endeavor's flight over the Sea of Japan can be seen at projectprove.com (http://www.projectprove.com/STS-111japan.php) (no longer available). They too show an abundance of very bright lights in the midst of the Sea of Japan.

Some have explained the spots of light in the Sea of Japan as fishing vessels, which try to attract squid using bright lights. What do you think they are?

Satellite Images: The Living Earth (http://www.livingearth.com/)

01-21-2008, 03:56 PM
Underwater volcanic/hot magma?

01-21-2008, 05:37 PM
Photo luminescent plankton?

01-25-2008, 09:48 AM
Intresting. I'll have to ask a few of my freinds in Japan if they have any idea's. I do belive that the Japanese do contract a few oil rigs out there. Aswell as the large amount of traffic between Japan, and the Asian Mainland.

Then again, it could be a battle between gaint mecha.