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Thread: Billy Meier Contact Notes & Prophecies

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    Lightbulb Billy Meier Contact Notes & Prophecies

    Hallo everyone!

    This Thread is to inform you about the coming to and at 2012!

    For all those of You, who think that Billy Meier is a fraud, please don´t necessarily comment in here because I know already You comings.

    For those of you, who know of him already and or aren´t sure of him and or of his predictions, see it neutrally. I myself, am not such a Billy Meier fanatic but rather more cautious about him and his Plejaren friends.

    It´s like a UFO sighting story, you eighter swallow the story up, like a hungry carp or investigate on it yourself, to eventually get the truth out of it.

    The same´s here about our future Prophecy's....

    Listen not only to the PROPHECY TAPE´s but also to the other ones because there too, are some hidden Prophecy's mentioned. For those of you, who will watch the coming signs, will know, when it´s going to happen!

    A WORD OF CAUTION to you all, who are about to listen and watch those tapes, done by Randolph Winters.


    In this video below here, it´s already happening and as you watch, "more listen" to the Billy Meier´s Prophecy tapes, will remember this video very well. For all those of you, who´d like to visit India, to find themselves, YOU Should do it very soon!!!! You will find out WHY? As you listen to the PROPHECY Tapes.

    Food Shortage Prophecy 2012 New World Order End of the World

    ..... I´ve tried to show the whole youtube screen but it doesn´t work again! Darn!

    ... and here now to the Billy Meier CONTACT NOTES Prophecys.

    Billy Meier Contact Notes Prophecies (Tape15A) Part 1

    .... Randolph Winters has been a UFO researcher for many years, and due to his books, videotapes, and lecturing, he has had the opportunity to have many interesting first-hand experiences and conversations that most people are not aware of. Randolph discussed several of these interesting experiences on a CBC radio program hosted by Art Bell (Coast to Coast AM). One of his case was the story of billy eduard meier.

    "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier (February 3, 1937) is a citizen of Switzerland and alleged and self-claimed contactee. He is also the source of many controversial photographs of objects claimed to be UFOs. Meier claims regular contact with the extraterrestrials, and presents much spiritual and philosophical information from these meetings. He describes the Plejaren as humanoid much like the humans of Earth. ...
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    Thumbs up Billy Meier Contact Notes The Pyramids (Tape6B) Part 1

    Billy Meier Contact Notes The Pyramids (Tape6B) Part 1
    .... talks about upcoming events, 666, Governments selling weapons for years to countries, like Iraq and then, we´re, the US´s fighting senseless wars with them. About a book called "Cheero"! Supposed to be very accurate to future predictions. Predictions can be predicted by calculating numbers in the Kabbalah.

    The Plejaren gave Billy some Metal samples and other valuable gems. Explaining a bit about, how that alloy´s manufactured.

    ....more about the metal and welding under the next part.
    Billy Meier Contact Notes The Pyramids (Tape6B) Part 2
    ...cold fusion and how the welding´s done joint free. Billy´s analyzing his group, if they can take the pressure, of being in such a FIGU? Analyzing their brain waves. Billy´s being followed around by other cars with a parabolic antenna on top. Even Semjase interveins once, towards the intruders following Billy, by jolting their car with an electrical current, to stall the car.

    Also, they have devices, to heal the broken ribs on Billy, which occurred on a fall off his moped/motorcycle due to exhaustion, too little sleep. Talk about Area 51 and their Alien crafts. About UFO Bases in Germany, Switzerland and the UFO´s, that were made shortly before the end of WWII. These people want others to believe, that they´re Aliens. About Underground Tunnels all over the world.... (cut off)

    Billy Meier Contact Notes The Pyramids (Tape6B) Part 3
    .... (con´t!) many of the tunnels have collapsed due to earthquakes, like the one in Guatemala. About Alcohol and the Plejarens and the Earthlings! Then, one day 5 women came to visit Billy with Semjase. Billy´s Anti Materialistic, not $elling his books etc.

    The 55th contact! Hans Jackob´s following Billy around by car. He used to be a very good and close friend of Billy. A lot of Jealousy going on in the FIGU group. The Earth is 626 Billion years old. Semjase explains! The Plejaren age the earth from the time, as a gas ball...

    52 contact! About a Race of Giants in Peru, kidnapping the women and taking them. That race were the enemies of the Incas. There are many more of them living down there. They are 210cm tall, 6 feet - four inches tall.

    ~"/\"~ About the Pharaoh's curse!

    There´s none! It´s a poison, that the mummy's and daddy's were wrapped in. That poison´s from a cactus...

    About new catastrophic events! The Pyramids were build over 70,000 years ago and contain future events, Cosmic events. They´ve build in that data into the Pyramids. The Earths Axis would change and the rotation. Build in into the numerical system of the Giza.... (cut off here)

    Billy Meier Contact Notes The Pyramids (Tape6B) Part 4

    ... It speaks of a sun, that the centre sun of the milky way will shine through a certain point into the Pyramid, if it ever does, due to the filthiness of the Pyramid. Those air vents are plugged up, so there you have it. That sun and ours will lign up and shine through. It may be at the east wall.


    Inside Great Pyramid Egypt 3D computer graphics

    Great Pyramid: Celestial Tubes, Alignments, Observations from the Kings Chamber
    ... It has been said the "celestial tubes" from the Kings Chamber and Queens Chamber of the Great Pyramid are for star (celestial) observations. Meanwhile, we take a practical look at the tubes/channels and find they may not be suited for this task. Take a look for yourself, then go to ...
    It´s nothing to be seen through it, as you´ve heared, something´s to come through it.

    .......... more about the central sun and the celestial hole. The Pyramids weren´t build by thousands of slaves. Our ancient ancestors, the Lyrians used spiritual mind, to move those blocks also known as Telekinetic Forces!

    .... The Local Army was following Billy and the UFO, where it sat down even with Helicopters, they went after. There were many attempts on Billy He actually´s dreamed of his assassination! He knew by whom and when he was going to get shot so he´s prepared himself for it, by wearing a bullet proof west. Semjase demonstrating they´re craft to some of the members of FIGU.

    Askets ear lopes are lower as ours and are much more forth then ours. She´s from the DAL Universe. Semjase has blue eyes and use make up! Just like our women! Semjase´s here on earth already for 4 years (at that time) They´ve got UFO Bases here, 1 in Russia, North sea and Switzerland. But there are many more other UFO Bases on earth.

    Animals are a form created by the spirit by creation. They strive more for instinct unlike we do for knowledge ....

    Billy Meier Contact Notes The Pyramids (Tape6B) Part 5

    The human spirit did not evolve out of the animal world. We did not evolve out of the monkey! Other monkey types evolved through others, as the Lyrians experimented with them, like with Big Foot!

    Or did we? Irish dancing monkeys

    About the radio communication of the Plejarens and Tachyons. What about anti gravity? It is electromagnetic in nature. There are 2 unitary cont rate forces. The earth generates that gravity. The core of the planet IS very dense! The Plejarens live in a system of nine planets, we live also within nine planets but there are more! "11" of them. He talks about the day cyclus of the Plejaren Planet. About some words in the Plejaren language and the contents of their planet, some numbers...

    55 contact!
    Semjase has a brother and a sister. What about they´re names? Are they for real? ... listen on it. About Ice ages! More in the creation tapes. The planet is a living creature also.

    Continued next with the ICE AGE!

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    Billy Meier Contact Notes Great Atlantis (Tape7A) Part 1

    Billy Meier Contact Notes Great Atlantis (Tape7A) Part 1

    ... some more inside information of the tape´s.

    The ICE AGE!

    How a planet has to be started to be considered, as a living creature also. That´s, what Ice Ages are for. Ice ages are the deep sleep, what it goes through. It´s an involvement thing. We´ve had already 4 ice ages! More about it... Glacial shifting, we have too. It has something to do with the numerical "7"´s! About the Pope, what really happened...

    On the Moon, Ganymede, was an E.T. Base by the Bath At, Giza Intelligence. They´re hiding out under the Giza complex, they´re causing so much trouble to Billy and also spread negative thoughts, to cause wars.

    About St, Germain! Is a trickster, Magician, Fraud. He has re incarnated in Bohemia, known as Prince Polanski in Germany. Billy wanted to meet him but Semjase, don´t want him to meet him. He is the way he was, deceitful.

    The white brotherhood, controlling the spiritual centres! In Mexico, Peru, Wyoming, Banff... They have a lot of old knowledge but... They use trickery to follow them.

    The drive system of the beam ship. They work on light principal but have now a new drive system, on Tachyons. About antimatter drive´s, and antimatter world. Quetzels name sounds like Quetzalcoatl but are not the same as the one in south America.

    Billy Meier Contact Notes Great Atlantis (Tape7A) Part 2

    .... and he went from Egypt to south America and landed there with his small spacer ship. The locals saw him as a god and great leader but there was another one and quetzalcoatl lost out.

    What about ATLANTIS? There was a continent called Atlantis and MU, which was in the Gobi desert. Around the St.Torrent Islands, they´ve build there a city too until the destroyer comet. It towed Venus behind it and caused great catastrophes. That Venus caused great title floods of 200 meters/600 feet in height. Talks more about the city's.

    When an ET die´s, can he be reborn somewhere else? Not possible! More info´s about it and spirits reincarnation. The only way, one can be reborn on another planet, is to be flown to that other planet and as soon as you´re there, kill yourself and then you will be reborn on that planet.

    About CONSCIOUSNESS! About colours and levels of consciousness. The radiation values, the Plejarens refer to. Here are roughly the values of colours...

    About Disease? Most are caused by thought, that make them be.
    About; EMANUAL! It´s about some kind of foil out of the past. Who was Emanuel? Billy was that Emanuel! ...

    Billy Meier Contact Notes Great Atlantis (Tape7A) Part 3

    ... about Pregnancy! They can detect it within three days. Or they place something into their food, to stop pregnancy. How practical. Contact from beings from the Century system also out of the Binar star.

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    Billy Meier Contact Notes Creating Universe

    Another site about the Plejariens!

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    Michael Horn´s web site about Billy Meier!

    The Meier UFO Contacts

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    UFO Prophet Warns of Devastating Events in 2012

    Swiss man says that scientists and corporations deny the actual extent and magnitude of coming environmental destruction; has documented, decades long record of impeccable prophetic accuracy; goes far beyond any information associated with Mayan Calendar for 2012

    Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 14, 2009 -- Recently published information by a Swiss man foretells widespread catastrophic consequences of global warming. According to Billy Meier, increased environmental destruction, famine and even the speeding up of the planet's rotation all will intensify dramatically by the year 2012. Meier, who claims that his still ongoing contacts with, and information from, Plejaren extraterrestrials began in 1942 at age five, published his initial warnings about the coming dangers of global warming in 1958

    Recently, an ever-increasing number of specific, environmentally related events, foretold by Meier years ago, have also occurred, in addition to dozens of other scientifically accurate prophecies and predictions that he has published over the past 67 years.

    In his latest information, Meier states that our scientists have grossly underestimated the obvious causal relationships between such now well-documented phenomena as the worldwide melting of glaciers and the inevitably resulting, cataclysmic effects. The enormous pressure on the tectonic plates from the increased weight of the water alone, Meier claims, will lead to increased frequency and intensity of devastating earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other geophysical upheavals worldwide.

    Meier says that the actual facts of global warming - which he claims is now 75% human caused - and its hidden consequences, are energetically denied and hidden by many corporations, and the scientists beholden to them, because of their vested financial interests. This orchestrated denial, he says, will only produce even greater damage than would occur if corporate profits were not allowed to take precedent over the safety of humanity and the environment.

    Article Continues with Video HERE

    Do unto Others as you would have them do unto you

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    Meier says that the actual facts of global warming - which he claims is now 75% human caused...
    I cannot agree with Mr. Meier that global warming is 75% human caused. I would aree that man is a destroyer of this beautiful planet, but man or no man, we would still be cycling into this next catastrophic phase.
    You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body. ~C.S. Lewis

    Ice ages are always preceded by periods of global warming.

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    Refer to my post about the solar flares in 2012. I think that, along with a weakening magnetic field, is more the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VOguy View Post
    Refer to my post about the solar flares in 2012. I think that, along with a weakening magnetic field, is more the problem.
    Yes VO, you're right. The earth's land masses will shift again, as they have repeatedly in the past. Nothing we do or don't do can stop that.
    You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body. ~C.S. Lewis

    Ice ages are always preceded by periods of global warming.

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    It may be possible that everything Billy Meier's has supposedly said may be true, though something I've seen in his photos leads me to doubt his veracity. On past Coast to Coast shows Horn has supplied pictures of conical belljar shapes of craft nestled in tight valleys in the forests of Europe. These shapes exactly match late 19th Century and early 20th Century Germanic industrial designs, not replicated much, if at all, anywhere else around the world. Many of the other photos show the evolution of industrial design, generally, in the West, often reflected in cruse ships past and present.

    We may have records of many different "UFO" sightings broadcast around the world in the past 100 years, though how much do we know about how many of those were "our own" experimental crafts? Look at how long we've been seeing "triangular" craft, and review how much such shapes have been referred to in distant history -- nearly none.

    While Billy may have great intuitive skills, and the messengers may be Paledieans or Devayonis, and he intuits may be accurate, I'm suspicious of his photos of extant alien spacecraft. Whether the duping is his or whether he's being duped, I don't know, though the fact that the UFO's designs match contemporaneous Earthling engineering is a bit suspicious to me.
    Human society is at a vital new juncture:
    the decrepit skeleton of things tried and
    proven false is rapidly being rent asunder.
    Today we are on the precipice of a glorious
    new dawn in human evolution.
    Embrace this crimson dawn of the glorious new day.


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