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Thread: Tales of Haunted Hollywood

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    Tales of Haunted Hollywood

    I would like to begin with a column which I call


    Like many cities, Los Angeles and surrounding environs are haunted. Hollywood is even moreso, for in no other city has the draw of fame, fortune and and worldwide admiration been so prevailent. But for every story of success, there are at least 100 stories of failure which culminated in the death of a dream or the death of the dreamer.
    It is here that you will find those stories. The Hear...that is, Limo which will take us on the tour is just around the corner.

    I've heard from my contact in LA that Rudolph Valentino still haunts his former estate, Falcon's Lair, as well as Hollywood Forever Cemetery (in the Cathedral Mausoleum where he is interred in crypt 1205) because he had unfinished business at the time of his death. He was set to star in a movie called "The Hooded Falcon" to play the part of "El Cid". This was his obsession. The project fell apart when his wife and fellow Producer of the movie, Natacha Rambova, suddenly left him. This must have been what lead to his perforated ulcer which finally resulted in his death. He died on August 23, 1926 with his dog Kabar (a Great Dane) by his bedside. The story goes that when Valentino's spirit passed into the Afterlife, the dog began to howl mournfully. Any time anyone tried to come near his dead master, he menaced them by growling and barking at them. The dog was finally over powered and Valentino's body was shipped from New York City back to Hollywood where his emaciated body lay in state for his thousands of fans to view. Ever since his death, a mysterious Lady In Black has made visits to his crypt to leave roses. To this day, no one knows the true identity of the original LIB, though some speculate that it was Valentino's first wife. Valentino's restless ghost has also been seen walking the studio lot of Paramount Studios which is right behind Hollywood Forever.. A Security Guard once reported seeing a man of about 30 years of age walking on the studio grounds after the studio was closed. He told the man that the studio was closed, so the man tipped his hat to the guard and walked thru the wall...back into the cemetery.
    In regard to Valentino's dog, Kabar, he too haunts the cemetery where he rests, the Los Angeles Pet Cemetery where Hollywood Celebs have buried their beloved pets. Petey, the cute dog from "The Little Rascals" rests there, as does Mary Pickford's dog and Hopalong Cassidy's Horse. It is Kabar, Valentino's Great Dane, who does the most haunting here, however. Kabar died in 1929, three years after his master. Its ghost is playful and has been reported being heard panting or even licking those who wander near his grave.


    It is at the world famous Mann's Chinese Theater, located just across the street from the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel that the ghost of actor Victor Kilian, known for his role as the Fernwood Flasher in "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman", roams the sidewalk and courtyard... looking for the man who murdered him. His career in movies and television spanned half a century. According to Police reports, Killian met a man at a nearby bar in March of 1979. After a few drinks, Killian invited the man back up to his apartment. Killian's bludgeoned corpse was discovered the next morning. Another source says that Mr. Killian came home to his apartment to discover a burglary in progress. He was beaten to death by the burglars.
    His killer remains at large and the case remains unsolved.


    Hollywood Forever, formerly known as Hollywood Memorial Park (located at 6000 Santa Monica Blvd), famous for its Permanent Celebrity Residents, had become a desolate ruin, especially after being extensively damaged by the Northridge Earthquake in 1994. It became a horrific disgrace, displaying crumbling walls that exposed open crypts, broken glass, rotting wood (Coffins?) and extensive water damage. There were also reports of the stench of decay.The chief archetect of this scandal was Jules Roth, a con man, a liar and a thief who stole money from endowment funds and had a wetbar in his cemetery office. He cared nothing for the cemetery or its legendary clients. He forced the cemetery into bankruptsy and some people who were buried there, were exumed by their surviving relatives and taken to another cemetery. Max Factor was one such person. The State of California brought the Owners up on charges and threatened the Cemetery with closure. However, in 1998 a man named Tyler Cassity bought the property for under $400,000.00 and not only made repairs to the place, but also modernized it, bringing it into the 20th Century with the latest technology and gimmicks such as Living Memory, Interviews, Biographical Movies and Webcasts of Funeral Services!
    Hollywood Forever even has its own website now, The Forever Network can be found here.

    And, of course, there are ghosts here. One day, a man was searching for a certain celeb gravesite in the Abbey Of the Psalms Mausoleum. He asked a quaint looking, old gentleman whom he saw standing in the Foyer where this persons grave was. The man gave directions. When the other turned around to thank the man, he was gone! He gave a description of the man to a Cemetery Employee and was told that it was Mr. Clifton Webb....who had died of a heart attack in 1966!
    The other ghost at Hollywood Forever is not one that you will see, but you might hear it. It has been said that if you wander near the grave of tragic starlet, Virginia Rappe, you will hear a ghostly weeping. She died at the tender age of 25 due to Generalized peritonitis. However, because she had died after a wild party attended by comedic actor Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, it was thought she had been murdered. Arbuckle was charged with the murder. He was tried for the crime three times and acquitted each time.
    However, his career was irrevokably ruined.
    Rudolph Valentino, who died in 1926 of a ruptured appendix, a perforated ulcer and peritonitis is interred in the Cathedral Mausoleum. A grand tomb was planned for his final resting place and Valentino's body was placed in a temporary crypt until it could be built. Unfortunately, Rudy owed back taxes which set the building of the tomb back about three years.
    Then, another setback occurred on October 24, 1929. The Stock Market crashed and the world wide Depression began. The tomb was never built. Valentino still rests in that temporary crypt to this very day.
    It has been reported that his ghost has been seen walking thru the rear wall of the cemetery and onto the lot at Paramount Studios, where he has also been seen. According to eye witnesses, he looks around, seems confused and then walks back thru the wall and back into the cemetery. Perhaps his confusion stems from the passage of Time and the changes that have taken place in our world since then. He has also been seen at his former home, known as the Falcon's Lair.

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    The very name speaks of Hollywood Royalty (if there is such a thing). The Barrymore Family of actors has existed for over 4 generations, and as you all know, continues with the celebrated career of the newest addition to that fabled dynasty: Drew Barrymore.
    Visitors to the Barrymore mansion during the 1970's frequently reported seeing the ghosts of John, Lionel, and Ethyl. In addition to these famous apparitions, the estate is haunted by the ghost of a man who died in a cable car accident on the property.
    Another unusual incident involved an old cuckoo clock that belonged to John Barrymore. When John died, his friend Gene Fowler decided to position the hands of the broken clock at the time of his friend's death as a sort of tribute. When he went to set the clock,
    however, Fowler discovered that the hands on the clock were already at 10:20 p.m., which was the exact moment of John Barrymore's death.
    But the adventures of the late John Barrymore did not end with his death. While Barrymore's body awaited burial in the funeral home, a few of Barrymore's friends got together in the dead of night and went out to the funeral home.
    Once there, they gave the attanding mortician a rather large amount of money to look the other way and to keep his mouth shut while the friends stole Barrymore's body!
    They took the body to the house of Errol Flynn, sat him down in his favorite chair in the parlor, put a drink in his hand....and left the house!!
    Later that same night, Flynn returned to his house from a night on the town. Still grieving for his friend, Flynn decided to retire to the Parlor to drink to his friend before retireing for the night.
    He went into the parlor, turned the lights on and turned around to see John Barrymore, sitting in his favorite chair with a drink in his hand and his eyes open. Scared witless, Flynn fled from the house, aghast!
    Barrymore's body was returned to the Mortuary under extremely tight security to make sure that the Papers didn't find out. The perpetrators of the theft of Barrymore's body got their wrists slapped and were scolded by the Judge, but the case was completely forgotten. Money no doubt changed hands again.
    Barrynore's body was eventually taken to the family cemetery in Pennsylvania and re interred there.

    __________________________________________________ _____________

    It was in June of 1932 that director Paul Bern married actress, Jean Harlow. Four months later, on September 5, the marriage ended.
    Paul Bern had shot himself in the head with a .38 calibre pistol. The butler had found his nude body in the bathroom on the floor in front of the full length mirror.
    Flash forward to 1968. A well respected Hollywood hairstylist lived in the old house and was dating a young starlet who had moved to LA from Texas.
    One day he asked her to house sit for him while he went out of town on business for a day or two. She agreed. That night, while she slept, she was
    awakened by a loud noise. She turned on the light and saw a man in the bedroom. He was ransacking the place as if looking for something important.
    He turned and looked at the young woman and that was when she recognized him. She also saw the bullet hole in his head next to his right temple and it was spirting blood. It was Paul Bern!!!
    The young woman fled from the bedroom, but as she got to the top of the stairs, she was met by an even more ghastly sight. Tied to the newel post at the bottom of the stairs...was her lover.
    His throat had been cut from ear to ear and was gushing blood!! The noises in the bedroom of Paul Bern's ghost got louder. Overcome by the horrors she had seen she fainted.
    The next day, her lover returned from his trip and she told him of the horrific apparitions she had seen the night before. He tried to comfort her and dismissed them.
    Little did they know that what she saw was a terrifying warning of the horrific fate which awaited them both almost one year the muderous hands of the Manson Family.
    The man's name was Jay Sebring. The woman was Sharon Tate.

    __________________________________________________ ____________

    Another one of Hollywood's most infamous and still unsolved crimes is the murder or suicide of actress Thelma Todd. She was born on July 29, 1906 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. After graduating from colledge, she became a teacher who also took a job as a model. She caught the attention of some Hollywood Talent Scouts and moved out to California. It wasn't long before she was recognized as a genuine talent and not just for her good looks. Her friends called her "Hot Toddy". But on the morning of Monday, December 16, 1935, her maid found her facedown in the seat of her Packard Automobile, cold and dead. The engine of the car was still running. She was 29 years old.

    One of the chief suspects was the man who drove her home on the last night of Thelma's life. That man was director Ronald West.

    That fateful night, she had been at a party thrown by Ida Lupino, a relative newcomer to Hollywood, and it had the makings of a blow-out Hollywood event. The guest list was vast and unfortunately included Thelma’s ex-husband, Pat DiCicco. After a few drinks, Thelma and DiCicco exchanged some heated words, which made Thelma drink even more. By the early morning hours of Sunday, she had downed more than her share of alcohol. Luckily, she a driver to take her home.

    As she prepared to leave, Roland West, who was at the apartment over the cafe, received a phone call from theater owner Sid Grauman saying that Thelma was a “bit under the influence” and was on her way home. Grauman suggested that West see her safely into bed. But sometime between the telephone call and Monday morning, Thelma Todd died in the garage of West’s house on Pasetano Road.

    According to Forensics, when Thelma Todd was found, her hair was matted, a false tooth had been knocked out of her mouth and there were blood spatters on her skin and dress. Despite the evidence which pointed to Murder, her death was ruled a suicide. She lay in state in a casket filled with yellow roses and was then laid to rest at Bellvue Cenetery in her hometown. But even as her casket was lowered into the ground forever, the scandal surrounding her mysterious death continued.

    Who wanted her dead, and why? She had opened an eatery with Ronald West called Thelma Todd's Roadside Rest Cafe which was located on Pacific Coast Highway just under the Pallisades. It was a place frequented by stars and fans alike. On the last day of her life, the cafe was also visited by notorious gangster, "Lucky" Luciano. He had been on the prowl for an establishment that could house a casino, and it looked like Thelma's place could be a perfect front. He made her an offer....and she refused. Was it that refusal which cost Thelma her life? No one will ever know.

    Meanwhile, the owners of what was once a Roadside Cafe have experienced strange occurrences in their place of business: Cold spots, missing items, the feeling of being watched....and the sounds of footsteps coming up the long cliffside stairs, footsteps belonging to something....or someone unseen.
    Some believe it to be Thelma's ghost. Is she replaying the last tragic hours of her life as does a tragic heroine in a Hollywood Melodrama...or is she hoping that her earthbound spirit will one day point the way to a clue regarding what really happened on the night of her death?

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