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Thread: RARE! "Laurel & Hardy" Old-Time Radio

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    RARE! "Laurel & Hardy" Old-Time Radio

    From Mark Evanier at

    "Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy didn't do much radio. Some time ago, I linked you to a recording of an unsold pilot they did for their own program. Here's a sketch, reportedly written by Mr. Laurel himself, that they performed once on the air. Laurel and Hardy scholars disagree on where and when this was broadcast but the majority vote seems to be for a 1943 edition of a variety series called Mail Call.

    The piece runs about nine minutes and also features Patsy Moran and Edgar Kennedy. As you'll note, there's a blooper in there (this was live radio) that causes everyone to break up. It's a funny sketch but the blooper is probably the funniest part."

    Stan and Ollie with 'Mail Call' hostess, LUCILLE BALL
    Hi-Speed (mp3) | Dialup (WMA)

    "The Wedding Night" AKA 'The Marriage of Stan Laurel'
    Hi-Speed (mp3) | Dialup (WMA)

    "Mr. Slater's Poultry Market" - Unsold 1944 radio pilot
    Hi-Speed (mp3) | Dialup (WMA)

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    Some Laurel & Hardy AUDIO (and VIDEO)

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    Great finds! Thanks, ya'll.

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