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Thread: Whitley's Restricted Content on Dreamland - Why?

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    Question Whitley's Restricted Content on Dreamland - Why?

    This has issue has been bugging me for a long time so here it goes.

    Most of the content on Whitley Strieber's site, Unknown Country which also host Dreamland is restricted to paid/subscribing members only.

    My question is why?

    If he has truth to share, wants it be known, why isn't he offering most of what he has gratis?

    Art Bell basically gave him Dreamland. I assume he has made really good $$ from his books, his scripts and movies produced from his and his and Art's book. I am sure he also gets paid, when he's a guest host on Coast.

    Most of his free broadcasts on Unknown Country are snippets of the real interview, with many commercials urging those who listen to subscribe and pay or to join one of his pay tours with William Henry/other or for his new "Dreamland Festival".

    What do you all think about this...and Whitley?

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    mitch battros and LMH do the same.......whitley's site is 3-4$ per month....

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    there's nothing cheap about running a website with streaming audio
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    Seems to me that making money on books and movies is lucrative and habit forming. Once you receive money, it feels nice so then you look for ways to get some more money etc. etc., whether you really need it or not. I have no idea of Whitley's income.

    I have wondered often whether Linda MH is independently wealthy. She travels all over the world frequently. Air fare and hotels, etc., are very costly which we all know. How does she afford all of her travels?

    I think some folks charge because they are greedy while others charge to meet expenses to cover their lifestyles so that they can continue to do whatever it is they do.

    Why is Coast to Coast pushing so hard for thousands of paying "Insider" memberships? They just want the thousands of dollars the memberships will bring in. Can anyone tell me different?

    Some people are philanthropists and some just aren't.

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    I think it is pretty simple: they want money. If they make compelling content I have no problem with it. I personally am of the open source persuasion, but some people just don't understand yet that money comes from more people hearing/seeing your work.

    Is there ads on the paid content do you know?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha View Post

    What do you all think about this...and Whitley?
    I have always thought that Whitley was good at promoting himself. He may originally have had some experiences, but (just my own opinion) I think that for a long time now, it's been about coming up with new 'stuff' to continue his self-made legacy.
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