The human chameleon: Meet the amateur make-up artist who can become anyone... with enough face paint

By Daily Mail Reporter
PUBLISHED: 22:42 EST, 16 April 2012 | UPDATED: 11:44 EST, 17 April 2012

She describes herself as just a 'normal girl who loves make-up'.

But Promise Tamang Phan has gained millions of followers thanks to a series of YouTube tutorials, in which she transforms herself into some of the world's most notable celebrities.

With the a few clever tricks, thoughtful planning and several sweeps of the brush, the Nepalese video blogger puts on a surprisingly effective impression of Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson - even Michael Jackson - in a few of the dozens of clips on her beauty channel.

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Bare-faced: Promise Tamang Phan prepares to transform herself in one of her dozens of popular YouTube make-up tutorials

While Promise states she is not a professional make-up artist on her Facebook page, and says she is 'purely self-taught', her talent for cosmetic artistry is evident in her skillful application.


Her YouTube channel, on which she uses the handle dope2111, has clocked over 96million views and won over 585,000 subscribers since she first logged on in June, 2009.
Getting started: She brushes on foundation to achieve a flawless complexion at the start of a video in which she mimics Angelina Jolie

Look familiar? Promise gives a sultry gaze to the camera after completing an Angelina Jolie make-up tutorial

And while she has uploaded every day make-up tutorials at the request of her fans, Promise's transformation videos are what have catapulted her into an elite stratosphere of YouTube celebrities.
The blogger has in a short span become a standout, not only for her make-up talents, but for her uncanny ability to embody the persona of her subjects.

One video, in which she transforms into rapper Drake, sees Promise sculpting her face with shading pencils and filling in her hairline, within moments achieving a masculine look.

In one final touch, she adds designer stubble onto her chin, upper lip and cheeks, before confidently smirking into the camera and tossing on a hoodie.

Same girl? A blonde wig, siren red lips and clever contouring help the beauty guru become Scarlett Johansen

Transformer: High-arched brows and winged eyeliner finish a Megan Fox look

Eye-popping: Promise accessorizes her Lady Gaga look with a giant hair bow, and a blonde and pink wig, and reveals uniquely painted eyelids

The Duchess: A bright smile is all she needs to complete a look inspired by Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

Strike a pose: Promise mimics Kim Kardashian with heavy eye make-up, careful face contouring and a wavy brunette wig

The video followed tributes to Michael Jackson, impeccably matching the King of Pop's hallowed cheeks and arched eyebrows; Johnny Depp, complete with retro specs and fedora; as well as several fictional characters, including Na'vi princess Neytiri from James Cameron's Avatar, Princess Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin and a blue-eyed Mariposa Barbie.

Other looks are more feminine.

Megan Fox, Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian, Adriana Lima, Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga have all played a role in Promise's character makeovers.

Uncanny: A tribute to Michael Jackson has been viewed over 800,000 times

Tipping her hat: Retro specs and a fedora - and a little chin fuzz - finish off Promise's Johnny Depp look

Five o'clock shadow: Promise teaches how to dab on stubble in a video tutorial entitled, 'How to look like Drake'

But it is her most recent video, uploaded last week, which may be the most impressive.

The 22-year-old becomes a virtual work of art, painting her face as a canvas to recreate Leonardo da Vinci's masterful Mona Lisa, a look which she finished off from behind a golden frame.

The video starts with Promise erasing her eyebrows with Elmers Glue and concealer.

She adds wax to the end of her nose, re-shaping it before applying layers of foundation.

Double take: The self-taught make-up artist does her best recreation of Na'vi princess Neytiri from James Cameron's Avatar

Winged: Promise pulls back her blonde wig to begin a Barbie tutorial

Pucker up: The transformation into Mariposa Barbie is complete with a wide-eyed kiss to the camerae

Thoughtful: Stuffed animals resembling Princess Jasmine's tiger, Raja, and Aladdin's monkey, Abu, are in the background of her tutorial for the Disney Princess look

Moments later: Promise bears an uncanny resemblance to Princess Jasmine

Artistry: Promise pales her complexion for her most recent tutorial, in which she becomes a virtual work of art as Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa

Soft: Elmers Glue and concealer cover Promise's eyebrows, and with soft shading and a wig, she begins to resemble the mysterious women from da Vinci's most famous oil painting

A work of art: Promise poses from behind a golden frame in the tutorial, which has earned over 250,000 views within the last week

And with soft shading and a wig, Promise begins to resemble the mysterious women from da Vinci's most famous oil painting
After several steps of contouring and shading, the make-up masterpiece is complete, to the awe of hundreds of thousands of YouTubers.
'If only Leonardo da Vin Ci [sic] saw you,' one viewer thoughtfully wrote.

'I would pay to see his expression.'

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