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Thread: Oz Investigates: Near Death Experiences

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    Oz Investigates: Near Death Experiences

    Oz Investigates: Near Death Experiences

    Hear personal stories of patients who have had near death experiences and watch as Dr. Oz shares an intimate story that forever changed the way he views life and death.

    Part I HERE

    Click here to watch Part 2.
    Click here to watch Part 3.

    Click here to watch Part 4.

    Click here to read an excerpt from Dr. Sam Parnia's book What Happens When We Die.


    May 1 - 2, 2012 - Student Loans, Alan Collinge/ NDE, Dr. Mary Neal

    Click here for more information on Dr. Parnia’s research.

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    Glad to hear that he apparently gave the topic the seriousness that it deserves. Most doctors poo-poo the idea of NDE's. But that's okay though, because I poo-poo most doctors!
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