Weaponize your office supplies for post-apocalyptic survival

"The office is the perfect place to find materials for making dangerous improvised weapons. (Please consult with HR before making dangerous improvised weapons.) There are heavy things and sharp things and also adhesives and rubber bands. Scissors, letter openers, and pens are menacing even in their original condition. Together these are also the building blocks for many tools that made the medieval era such an uncomfortable time to live."

You may have your home stocked with survival tools for the apocalypse, but what happens if disaster strikes while you're at work? Never fear, Jörg Sprave is here to teach you how to make slingshots and pickaxes from common workplace items.

When it comes to improvising armaments (such as spinning steakknife death machines), Sprave is the man to go to as he recently demonstrated when Businessweek challenged him to apply his talent to some office supplies.

True to his abilities, Sprave did just that and came up with a number of options.

Now, Sprave has released a video showing all of his creations. See them below, but remember: if you put a coworkers' eyes out, that's probably grounds for termination. These are best tested in an outdoor space, preferably with no non-zombified people nearby.