Videos -

April 1961 - Crusher Attacks!

Includes pre and post match interviews with the Crusher, as well as the entire 22 second match resulting in a DQ loss to Johnny Valentine.

Circa 1966 - The Crusher and The Bruiser - Twin Terrors
Reggie & Dick dish out punishment in a TV squash match.

September 1966 - The Crusher Taunts Bruno Sammartino
Prior to returning to Pittsburgh to exact revenge, Crusher cuts a comical promo as classically performed by one of the all-time masters at the trash-talk art.

January 1968 - Crusher "Risowski"
A majorly agitated Reggie rails on a Japanese opponent in a brief yet very Politically Incorrect rant.

August 1973 - All Star Arm Rasslin Challenge
Crusher tells the super-conceited "Superstar" Billy Graham to put up or shut up, but winds up locking arms with "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff instead.

September/November 1975 - Tag Team Turmoil
An interview with Crusher and Bruiser about their recent title loss, followed by highlights from a re-match with hated enemies Nick Bockwinkel & Ray "The Crippler" Stevens (managed by Bobby "The Brain" Heenan).

December 1977 - Da Brawler VS The Blue Blood
A nattily attired Crusher is attacked by the Super Destroyer and his manager, Lord Alfred Hayes.

January 1979 - Crusher Speaks His Mind
Milwaukee's Favorite Son has some choice words for AWA champ Nick Bockwinkel and his weasely manager Bobby Heenan before & after a title bout in St. Paul, Minnesota. Includes the finale from the match.

February 1979 - Carnage in a Cage
After pressuring the St. Paul promoter for his kind of payback opportunity, a hell-bent and out-for-blood Crusher takes on AWA World Heavyweight Champion "Wicked" Nick Bockwinkel in a non-title cage match.

1981 - Crusher's TV Disposal Service
Need a new set? Want your old one body-slammed by a true professional? Call Coon Rapids TV. Service with a smile!

October 1986 - The Crusher and The Hulkster
Two of wrestling's greatest performers join forces for one night only to take on Bobby Heenan's team of Big John Studd and King Kong Bundy at the Milwaukee Arena. Includes interviews and highlights from the match.

2006 - Do 'The Crusher' Ya Turkeynecks!
A career in pictures music video featuring the 1964 Billboard Top 100 hit by the Minneapolis garage-rock band 'The Novas'.