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Thread: “Hide and Seek”: The Most Blatant Movie About Monarch Mind Control Ever?

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    “Hide and Seek”: The Most Blatant Movie About Monarch Mind Control Ever?

    Has anyone seen this movie? Comments? Thoughts?

    “Hide and Seek”: The Most Blatant Movie About Monarch Mind Control Ever?

    Apr 4th, 2013

    Hide and Seek” is a 2005 thriller movie that did not get great reviews at the time of its release. However, chances are most critics did understand its symbolism and its underlying theme which is all about Monarch Programming. In fact, “Hide and Seek” is probably one of the most blatant movies about Monarch Mind Control in Hollywood’s history. We’ll look at the hidden meaning of the movie.

    Hide and Seek
    is not going down in history as Robert De Niro’s most memorable movie. It was bashed by movie critics for its derivative nature and because its ending was deemed “nonsensical”. While it is true that the plot of Hide and Seek has a fair share of logical fallacies, the movie simply cannot be fully understood without knowing about the key element at its core: Trauma-based Mind Control. From the first frame to the last, almost every line and every symbol found in the movie directly refers to concepts associated with mind control, specifically Monarch Programming.

    In this particular brand of mind control, children are subjected to trauma so intense that it causes them to dissociate from reality. The slave’s handlers can then program into the children’s minds alter personas that can be triggered at will (for more information about Monarch Mind Control, read the article entitled Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control). In a symbolic and theatrical way, Hide and Seek describes the horrible procedure behind Monarch Programming and hints to the more sadistic aspects of it. The fact that Monarch butterflies appear in key parts of the movie confirm that the whole storyline is based on Monarch Mind Control.

    Further, when one understands the handler/slave relationship that is happening in the movie, the “nonsensical” ending becomes a little more “sensical” as it fits precisely with the way Monarch Programming works .

    Let’s look at the story of Hide and Seek and the MK symbolism it contains.
    Brief Summary

    Warning: Gigantic spoilers ahead.

    After witnessing the apparent suicide of her mother, a young girl named Emily Callaway (played by Dakota Fanning) displays symptoms of severe trauma. Her father David Callaway (played by Robert De Niro) attempts to help his daughter snap out of her trauma by leaving his job as a psychologist and by moving to a small town outside of New York.

    There, he realizes that his relationship with Emily is extremely difficult and that her behavior is increasingly worrisome. Emily claims to have a new friend named Charlie who is “lots of fun” and plays with her, but Emily tells her father that Charlie doesn’t like him at all. David believes that Charlie is an imaginary friend Emily created to help cope with her trauma. Things however become unsettling when horrible things begin to occur around the house (i.e. the cat gets drowned in the bathtub) that Emily then blames on Charlie. When David discovers his potential new girlfriend has been murdered in the bathtub, he realizes that Charlie is a real person and that he’s extremely dangerous. After running around the house for a few minutes, David has a moment of clarity and realizes that HE is Charlie. Charlie is indeed David’s alternate personality, one that he didn’t know even existed. This alter personality has been manipulating poor traumatized Emily and has been committing horrible crimes. After this epiphany, Charlie takes control of David’s body and goes on a murderous rampage. Charlie is then stopped, and shot dead, by Katherine, a psychologist who worked with David in New York and who came to see if Emily was alright. After the ordeal, Emily goes to live with Katherine and that’s that.

    As stated above, for most movie viewers, the internal logic of the script is somewhat unbelievable. However, once the MK symbolism of the movie is recognized, one understands that Hide and Seek is about a handler traumatizing and programming an MK slave. The fact that the father/handler has two personas is consistent with the fact that handlers are often dissociative slaves themselves who’ve been programmed to carry out someone else’s dirty deeds. Let’s look at the deeper symbolism of the movie.

    Emily, the Traumatized Child

    The movie begins with a symbolic image: Emily playing with her mother, spinning around in the bliss of childhood and innocence. Notice the doll: she holds this constantly in the first part of the movie.

    Emily is a regular and playful child who appears to be very happy. In the first scene of the movie, we see her playing hide-and-seek with her mother, who then lovingly tucks her into bed.

    Emily constantly holds a doll that takes on an important meaning later in the movie. The doll represents Emily’s innocent, core personality: her “real” self.

    Later that night, Emily witnesses a horrifying scene: Her mother dead in a bloody bathtub.

    Seeing her mother dead is Emily’s first mind-altering, life changing traumatic event … but not the last.

    While the death appears to be a suicide, we later learn that Charlie (the alter personality of David – Emily’s father) killed the mother and placed her in the bathtub to make it look like a suicide. Did he do this on purpose to traumatize Emily and begin her Mind Control programming?
    Emily is then placed in a mental hospital for children.

    Emily displays the classic signs of a traumatized person: Shock, isolation and withdrawal.

    The face of trauma.

    David (or was it Charlie) decides to leave his job and moves to a small town named Woodland. He says to Katherine, another psychologist who works with him:
    “Right now I need to be doing what’s right for Emily. I need to be a full time dad”.
    Did he mean: “I need to be a full time handler”?

    Right before leaving, Katherine, gives Emily a gift.

    Katherine gives Emily a music box that plays the Mockingbird song. As the movie progresses, the Mockingbird song plays whenever a traumatic event happens, which makes it a programmed trigger song. Upon giving the gift, Katherine tells Emily: “Whenever I was feeling sad, I would open the lid and all my sorrows went away” – essentially telling Emily that she should dissociate from reality whenever she hears that song to avoid trauma.

    Once in their new home, Emily goes into a wooded area behind the house. There, she follows a Monarch butterfly that leads her to a cave.

    This mysterious cave is in fact the programming site where Charlie programs and traumatizes Emily.

    The fact that a Monarch butterfly leads Emily to the cave is a coded way of telling viewers “in the know” that this is all about Monarch Programming and trauma-based mind control.

    When Emily discovered the cave, she does something that ends up being extremely symbolic.

    Emily drops her beloved doll, signifying that she lost her core, innocent persona. Mind Control handlers seek to “lock away” this core persona to be able to program new alter personas within their psyche.

    Emily however did not simply “drop” the doll that represents her innocence. She literally mutilates it.

    David finds Emily’s doll completely defaced in a garbage can. The mutilation represents how Emily’s mind is being mutilated by the torture and programming happening in the cave.

    As Emily “plays” with her friend Charlie (handlers manipulate their slaves to believe they are their friends), she develops a disturbing taste for the morbid. A growing likeness for the dark side of things is often seen in Monarch slaves who become disillusioned with life. Starting with innocent children, handlers seek to create an opposite “mirror image” of their slave who become dark, twisted and disturbed (for this reason, the dualistic, black and white imagery in MK symbolism is extremely important). While we don’t ever see Charlie actually “programming” Emily during the movie, we clearly see the symptoms and the switch in Emily’s behavior.

    While fishing with her father, Emily cold-hardheartedly inserts the hook inside a live insect to use as bait. Her lack of reaction to what is usually considered to be repulsive indicates that she might have been “desensitized” to pain, suffering and the repulsive due to the torture she received while being programmed by her handler.

    Emily’s programmed dark side becomes more evident when she is set up to play with a “normal” girl.

    David sets up a play date for his daughter with another girl from the area.

    Notice that the girl is holding a doll, hinting that she is “normal” as she is still in possession of her innocent, core personality.

    Emily reacts rather badly to the playfulness of this girl and finds a way to show that to her.

    Emily takes the girl’s doll and mutilates it – hence reflecting her own distorted soul and her loss of innocence. Notice that the mouth was melted away (symbolizing the slave’s inability ask for help) and has one eye (symbol of Illuminati Mind Control). She also holds her by the neck as if shocking her (shocking is a form of torture used in MK programming).

    As things progress in the movie, Emily realizes that the “fun” Charlie is actually evil and sadistic. While playing hide-and-seek with Charlie, Emily gets lured into a dark and scary room in the basement of the house. Then, the lights go out and Emily screams.

    David (who has switched back to his core personality) finds Emily in the basement in tears and in state of shock. We can deduce that, while the lights were out, some kind of traumatizing event occurred in that creepy basement – probably torture or abuse.

    We then see her in bed with the “face of trauma”, hinting that something horribly wrong happened in that basement – and that Emily’s trauma-based mind control is continuing.

    Towards the end of the movie, Charlie loses it, kills some people and starts running after Emily. In a classic “horror movie dumb move”, Emily decides to go hide in the cave where she gets tortured. There, we see a disturbing yet symbolic display of Emily’s stuff.

    Inside the cave are Emily’s dolls – mutilated, decapitated and dismembered – representing the powerless state of MK slaves and the abuse they are subjected to. We also see the music box that plays the Mockingbird song, the song Katherine told her to dissociate to when “she was feeling sad”. In MK terms, the song was a trigger to engender dissociation.

    In the movie, everything relating to childhood and innocence is twisted, perverted and destroyed, which goes in line with how Monarch programming works on children.

    In the final scene of the movie, Emily is living in Katherine’s house and drawing a picture. While everything appears to be well, the last shot of the movie shows Emily’s drawing. Everything is not well at all.

    Emily drew two heads on herself, representing that she has an alter persona.

    The final frame of the movie basically confirms that the entire programming process succeeded. Emily has an alter persona and is living with another psychiatrist who may or may not be continuing the process. Is Katherine there to help her or is there to continue her programming?

    The movie’s DVD features an alternate ending, where Katherine appears to be continuing Emily’s programming.

    In the alternate ending, Emily is locked up in a room in a psychiatric institution.

    In a deleted scene featured from the DVD, we see Emily acting extra creepy around her babysitter. She is wearing a shirt with a big butterfly on it. Monarch programming.

    David the Father / Charlie the Handler

    The big “whoa” moment of the movie is when we discover that Charlie is David’s alter persona. While this plot twist was a major let down to most viewers, it falls right in line with how MK programming works. Many handlers are dissociative slaves themselves who are programmed to do someone else’s dirty work. At the end of the movie, we learn that David was deeply traumatized when he caught his wife cheating on him – and that’s when Charlie was born. I guess this is a clunky way of conveying to the viewers that he is also a product of trauma-based mind control.

    David is a psychologist with intricate knowledge of the effects of trauma on the human psyche. One can therefore say he is qualified to do some Mind Control programming.

    During the first part of the movie, whenever the Charlie alter is triggered, we see David sitting in his study, wearing headphones and listening to music. This symbolizes his core/real persona being “put on hold” while Charlie is in control of his body. David is “out of service” and oblivious to what is going on – hence the headphones.

    While in his study, David notices a black mark on his hand.

    We then learn that its because Charlie, while in the cave, was holding Monarch butterflies in his hand. Get it? Monarch … in his hand … ? Monarch … handler? While most viewers might perceive this scene as being very random, it is extremely clear to those who know about Monarch programming.

    We therefore understand that David never actually sat in his study: It was a way of symbolically showing that his core persona was on hold while Charlie was triggered.

    Other random scenes in the movie explain what is happening with David.

    David’s head is torn off family pictures, hinting that his “real” self has been taken over and removed from the family.

    David’s head is found in the song box, symbolizing his dissociation from reality while the Charlie alter persona is triggered.

    At the end of the movie, Charlie is shot dead by Katherine, who takes custody of Emily and brings her back to New York City. Considering the Mind Control interpretation of this movie, we can ask ourselves: Was David and his programmed alter Charlie used by higher ups to traumatize and program Emily? Was he ultimately a disposable, mind controlled pawn who needed to be eliminated? Was his death the final, major traumatic event to completely break down Emily – and to make her an orphan that is completely dependent on the state? These are all questions that arise when one understands the Mind Control symbolism in the movie.

    Also, were the people in this friendly town “in on it”? Is Woodland a kind of government-owned remote location used for MK programming?

    Most people in Woodland are extremely creepy and strange. Every man made it a point of saying that Emily was “very beautiful” – with an unsettling, perverted look on their face. These scenes might refer to a child abuse ring going on in the town. Or maybe it was an odd way to add some suspense to the movie.

    In Conclusion

    Hide and Seek is a deeply symbolic movie that depicts, in careful detail, the process behind Trauma-based Mind Control. While the meaning of the MK symbolism of the movie probably flew about a mile above most viewer’s heads, a only a little knowledge of the subject is required to make the entire thing extremely overt and blatant. This story of a traumatized child who followed a Monarch butterfly into a dark cave full of pain and horror sums up the entire plight of Monarch slaves. But it played out before the eyes of most viewers without them even realizing it.

    The same way Charlie stood in the dark in his deadly game of hide-and-seek with Emily, the truth about the movie is hidden in the darkness of people’s ignorance. However, simply flicking on the light of knowledge reveals the movie’s true meaning: A description of the ugly, disgusting world of Monarch Programming. Playing hide-and-seek with the truth? VCs ain’t got no time for that.


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    Yikes! I felt creepy just reading this review. No ones likes to think that anything like this could be real, but I don't doubt that things like this occur, and worse!
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    Going to watch this today.


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