I was having very vivid lucid dreams or woke up in alternative univeres just like this I was going through my day in one, dont remember which everything happened in but I ended up going into town I live quite a long way from town but I can get there by foot/bicycle (which I did in my dream) people on the street talked ocasionally/gossiped though not as much in real life and I purchased things from supermarket(s) as far as I remember, went all the way back home, got off my bike. I cooked a stiry fry and I believe was setting it out to eat with dad although he doesnt live with me. Normally this type of thing doesnt happen to me. I also woke up as a little girl. This all seemed real. One night I went through several dreams I woke up in a different version of reality each time that I was very confused when I woke up. In one so called dream I ended up going on the computer on the internet, (consciously, as I was conscious in all these dreams) and looking for something but none of the information was on the internet, so I seached for something else and spent all my time reading about and searching for information on logic. I ended up going to a course I had been taking, bicycling all the way there and studying there. Also strangers had gotten into my house, were taking things they claimed they deserved from me (although I found one of them missing after I might have hid it I am not sure if I did for real) it was not expensive but it is important to me and was a gift. They were very manipulative They tried to take these bookmarks of mine, my laptop and some books. Anything that I felt was valuable, no matter how inexpensive. They even asked if they could take cultlery (which by the way went missing I was unable to find it after these dreams). My dad asked me why I was letting him take the stuff. I ended up getting everything except the bookmarks and cutlery back I guess. I woke up in realities that were just like this in my apartment sometime I did not have all the things I have now the things I recently bought I didnt have.
And in another reality I only had some of the things.