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Thread: Do aliens and spirits watch us?

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    Do aliens and spirits watch us?

    I was in my apartment, felt myself being watched by different beings one of them felt normal (good) but another one felt alien they were waching fro outside sometimes I felt different spirits watching me from outside this universe briefly.

    There were no aliens that stopped outside in the garden.

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    Yeah, some people believe that Earth is some sort of giant, complex Zoo. We are the "Attractions" that...who? whomever? whatever? come to look at.

    Some people believe that there are "Watchers"...aliens? angels? some form of Higher Spirit Beings?

    I dunno...well...I do know...weird shit happens and even if 98% of the weird shit has normal, scientific, explanations, that leaves 2% that is as yet unexplained.

    I'm getting to the age...65 years old this Summer...where I find myself spending less time and energy looking for answers and spending more time just, well, enjoying the experiences.

    Gazing upon Wonders and Horrors without even trying to figure out the Why or the How.

    OK, maybe "enjoy" isn't always what happens...sometimes the operative word is "experience" or sometimes "tolerate".

    But, anyway.....

    Been in a weird mood, weird frame of mind lately...

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    That's interesting. Have you had any prior experience with feeling that way?

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    The envisioned apocalypse of soul that drowns the dominoes of fake tears makes the joys and passion, fuse and twilight of ignited ghost bonds shake and shatter into our territory of touch and taste, whatever other modes of perception there persist in our aquarium tank of breathe to live, versus a spirit that's peacefully integrated, well fruitful, and jolly through the snow and space, capstone and alter of oblivion.

    They have their hands on our controllers, seeing how games will turn out, introducing signals and beams from a lighthouse vantage point in the haunting of our lost symphony magic markers and stones of the higher. It's a dreaded spring when the frost of the arctic blasts away what feelings and vivid drapes feed and skip into our pocket of the death coil.

    So do the dead really go away, or give us their alluring eyes, trapping and overseeing, or playing and pushing our buttons? Maybe dinosaur realms and lost kings of atlantis shape shift and glide, or eclipse old time frames to undress the sweet jumble of food and lottery tickets to flash into our baggage. Even dolls may be possessed; they may activate flippers and toilet plungers, garbage cans and neglect borders to enhance the living condition with their squishy pillows and delightful fun in the frenzy.
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    For the Perfect One beholds itself in the light surrounding it. This is the spring of the water of life that gives forth all the worlds of every kind. The Perfect One gazes upon its image, sees it in the spring of the spirit, and falls in love with the luminous water. This is the spring of pure, luminous water surrounding the Perfect One.

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