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Thread: July 1965 - My off-the-wall infielders baseball play nullifying tying run from 2nd base!

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    Exclamation July 1965 - My off-the-wall infielders baseball play nullifying tying run from 2nd base!

    Strange but true! This play of mine is not one you will ever see if you live where baseball is played. The game was first played in England in the late 1700's!

    Where - United States, Indiana - Owensville High School's baseball diamond

    When - late July in 1965

    What - the paranormal changed the normal in sports!

    An impossible to stop Louisville Slugger's very low and "fair" ball's "line drive" and potential tying run quickly nullified by a first baseman from mid Right Field! I was that first baseman!

    This went out the back door on . My thread was 'Off-the-wall sports plays seen or done'. I'd put it in Sports, but the manager moved it to Amusement Bark.

    Since it was moved I thought it was deleted. More than a month later I found it. It was fairly well accepted and had several interesting posts. I quickly said sorry for being late, and thanked the folks replying. They had entered some wild ones and a few posted links to major league sports plays!

    I was upfront with all who had replied nicely and I wrote this is my reason for starting that thread; My baseball play off-the-wall at age 16.
    For months my last post was never replied to and it went on into the "Dark Pages"! :? Members there got bent out of shape if you renewed your old posts. That is common in active forums.

    Picture this; A night time Colt League game behind the old school* with about 100 folks watching. See if you can guess the paranormal part of this true story. All answers will get my fast reply!

    ops: We had never beat Vendall the "best" Fort Branch, Indiana team being played. We always won the games with EMGE the other team from the same neighboring town. It was the 6th inning and we led 7 to 6 with two outs. The tying run was their big second baseman on 2nd base. I had played first base many past years and I moved to the left a few feet to defend against a left handed batter, their first baseman at bat.

    The first pitch by my cousin Jack was low and he slammed an in bound low liner parallel to the foul line. I moved left to try a catch with my big red Taiwan made first baseman's glove. I missed by a foot!

    And now my off-the-wall baseball play begins....

    The word "error" was inside my head. So I turned left over the foul line! I threw down my glove! I pulled out my floppy billfold from my rear hip pocket! I threw off my cap! I headed into right field as fast as I could run! I yelled at the fully capable right fielder, "Danny! I've got it!" Danny was charging the ball and stopped well short in amazement. He stayed put allowing me the still rolling ball which I grabbed with my right hand!

    Time out for this note; Our school's custodian mowed the grass all cut around 4-5" with his International Cub tractor. This friction on the ball gave me a chance to catch up to it. But I did not think about that factor. I was mad at myself for missing the ball!

    I turned around and yelled loudly, "Jerry!" Our catcher already knew the baseball was coming his way. My eyes were blurry with wind tears from my adrenalin enhanced run. I reared back and threw to home plate around 180-200 feet in a try to nullify the tying run.

    The ball was not cut off by Darrell our smart second baseman. It flew shoulder high all the way dead centered into Jerry's non moving glove placed chest high. He turned to meet the runner. The runner didn't slide hoping a collision would dislodge the ball. A huge dust cloud arose as I watched with clearing eyes. Jerry jumped up holding the ball up high. Floyd our umpire yelled, "You're out!" Also with a high swing of his arm.

    As I returned to pick up all of my many dis-guarded items our second baseman Darrell said, " That's three away! Let's go in!" Car horns were honking and there were a lot of smiles in the dugout. I got many pats on my back for that irregular play.

    Over time figuring this out I came up with this reason for my anomaly or off-the-wall stunt. I wanted my "error" rectified on a PDQ impulse AND the missed ball chase was sparked by being scorned and spiked by their first baseman. Before the many games we played I would speak to him. He would never return the gesture. He got on base a lot, and I really noticed his habit of spiking my ankle with steel spikes. That was a cut injury that you'll notice the hit, but the pain is not so instant, but later on, wow! Other players seldom hit my ankle.

    I never will forget the look on his face as he walked in from second base. He threw his batting helmet at the dugout fence. We won the game 9 to 6 after Gary's two run homer with me on base. I hope he remembers that anomaly of revenge to this day. I don't remember his name, but I sure remember that play! I don't have to close my eyes to remember that game. I relive my play in color for a moment during every day! And I think you would too!

    MK2 Cody

    P.S. As a little league player I used to stand in right field day dreaming of some play executed by me saving a game and that play fit perfectly!

    Post a note if you are familiar with baseball and maybe you played that sport a lot. If you've seen the exact play on the rolling baseball happen from any infielder during a game tell me about it.

    *REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR was chalked out at great length in huge white letters on that old school ground's front sidewalk and first read just before 8:00 AM! by many students during the morning of December 7, 1939!

    If anyone wants to read that last true story just drop me a line and comments about my play above are anxiously awaited after I click "Submit New Thread"!

    I do ask one question to all active IW members and frequent Visitors who may join this great web site; What was the paranormal part of my off-the-wall ("hard") baseball infielders play?
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    Here's great music to listen to while you read my true story and other Imaginative World member's stories! Join up today and tell yours too! Life's too short not to tell them to people with a-like open minds!

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    When the dust starts to build a thin layer one must do what he or she's got to do keeping your thread dust free.

    If my survivors order a decent sized tombstone for me there are two subjects I would like to have pre planned to be "laser engraved" on the front or the back side or both sides! :mrgreen:

    # 1 would be a "Memphis, TN westbound" Greyhound bus :!: :mrgreen: (I passed a Greyhound bus with my empty semi rig on a two lane Kentucky US highway!)

    Another forum's link about that "legal pass" was removed here....

    # 2 would be a baseball with our catcher's name on it! Just like this "JERRY :!: " :mrgreen:

    Folks walking by would not have a clue as to the reasons for those two subjects being on my stone, but the persevering & very dedicated Imagi and frequent Visitors here would know. 8)

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    If you've been contributing to these sites as for as long as I have you'd realize this fact. If one writes a book and then get's it published you know the eventual number of sales. What you would never know is how many times the book is read in one family then maybe it's passed onto a friend; or how many times it's read "checked out" of a public library! :idea:

    In these dust stirred up places you have a pretty good idea how many people have bothered to open your book's pages for an individual read. For a story you initially hoped would inspire a visitor or member to view it. :wink: It's worked well here it seems! 8)

    :mrgreen: I am green faced that my impulse triggered Colt League baseball antics have garnered some interest to date :!:

    MK II Cody

    Notify me when a reply is posted.............the box is checked

    Are there any baseball players out there?
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    Thumbs up

    I just realized, thanks to a watcher/visitor, that I was not watching my own efforts for replies via instant e-mail notices. I will correct that now thanks to our visitor!

    MK II

    Scrolling downwards that was quickly made ready!

    Many again to that one lone IW ranger!

    REF 2 posts above: The two metal sculptures speaking to one another, now silent due to copyright grounds for a You Tube's deletion, are now speaking again here!

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    This off-the-wall hard ball/baseball play of mine at age 16 was just Tweeted including @Ripleys to send it to Ripley's Believe It or Not's Twitter page. Returning quickly after clicking this IW link inside my newest Tweet. I found 15 visitors viewing this topic in Who's on line? DBA "What's going on?" found at the lower end of the Forum. Before I submitted the Tweet there were only 2 IW visitors viewing this!

    The viewers were the NSA's snooping computers and a very few Twitter members came in as the "instant" visitors numbering 13 of the 15 in total.

    That's something I do once in a while while listening to Coast to Coast AM. The great guest host Jimmy Church spoke with Ralph Ellis and Howard Bloom. What an eye popper those two were on the subjects of Jesus and Islam; what a contrast those two topics were! If you are a Coast Insider tune them in soon if you missed the show tonight----------------------- @JChurchradio on Twitter!

    MK II
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