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Thread: Mysterious Cases Of Time Travel That Can't Be Explained

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    Mysterious Cases Of Time Travel That Can't Be Explained

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    Good afternoon from the Hoosier State to Dr. Powerfun,

    Here's my personal case of time travel that cannot be explained.

    The fact I was on Coast to Coast Live with Ian and R. Gary Patterson in no way validates my weird time slip - time traveling forward up The Dixie Bee Line. But telling the truth to both of them was good enough to satisfy me. A huge percentage of paranormal experiences happen with only one witness, you! Keeping this to myself was never going to happen once I kinda mastered the Internet and started tuning in nightly to Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM.

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    While there are countless combinations of the genetic traits, there are only so many combinations of those which determine a persons outward appearance. While this is still quite a high number, when you factor in the number of people that are on Earth at any given time, there are bound to be more than a few repeats over time (and close matches). As for the people holding cell phones in the video, in the first instance, there was no object in the persons hand, just a shadow created by her hand. In the second instance, there's nothing to suggest anything other than someone perhaps trying to avoid being photographed and maybe muttering to themselves about the invasion of privacy. Sunglass guy was photoshopped. I do digital graphics for a hobby and this was amatuer work.

    Sorry, but time moves in one direction only. It can move at different speeds, but always forward.

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