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Thread: Top 3 missing persons theories...

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    Top 3 missing persons theories...

    Ok, so I know Mr. Paulides prefers not to speculate on what might be taking people. But I know some of you might want to…

    So what are your top 3 possible abductors?
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    Time Travelers

    Doppelgangers from parallel dimensions

    "Aliens" (beings/entities we can't even begin to fathom)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Powerfun View Post
    Time Travelers

    Doppelgangers from parallel dimensions

    "Aliens" (beings/entities we can't even begin to fathom)
    Well the top three are not lions, tigers, and bears. But in those states, provinces and nations with plenty of wilderness areas it could be just those three.

    I voted just like Dr. Powerfun did X 3.

    #1 Aliens*

    #2 Aliens*

    #3 Aliens*

    * The ultimate camouflage is being invisible just like the Predator in the movie! Hollywood knows way more than we know but we see it in their knowledge in science fiction films and many are not fiction! I think some ghostly goings on could be credited to the invisible creatures as tricksters and lucky for the victim shoved, scratched, or merely touched they are not abducted!

    Flowers go to the memory of the abducted who blinked out on the wilderness hiking trails taken by the ET creature who kidnapped them forever!

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