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Thread: Frank Edwards' Fateful Forecast - REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR - December 7, 1939! - Owensville, IN

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    Exclamation Frank Edwards' Fateful Forecast - REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR - December 7, 1939! - Owensville, IN

    You'll find this local legend so true on page 191 in Frank Edwards' book "Astounding stories of strange events! All authentic - all absolutely true!"

    From our free world's past battle cries to the present....

    Remember the Alamo! March 6, 1836

    Remember the Maine! February 15, 1898

    Remember the HMS Lusitania! May 7, 1915

    Remember Pearl Harbor! December 7, 1941

    Remember September 11, 2001!
    1 & 2 World Trade Center's Twin Towers
    Shanksville, PA

    Remember Madrid! March 11, 2004

    Remember London! July 7, 2005

    Remember the Fort Hood Massacre! November 5, 2009

    Remember the Boston Marathon! April 15, 2013

    Remember Paris! January 7, 2015

    Remember Paris! November 13, 2015

    Remember San Bernardino, CA! December 9, 2015

    Remember Brussels, Belgium! March 22, 2016

    Remember Orlando, Florida! June 12, 2016

    Remember Istanbul, Turkey - Ataturk Airport! June 28, 2016

    Remember Nice, France! July 14, 2016

    Four blocks West of this pc a strange legendary quirk of human nature took place. A sixth grade boy was mad at his Geography teacher and during the night of December 6th wrote in white chalk "Remember Pearl Harbor" on the school's front sidewalk. That huge 80' foot long message in 2.5' tall letters WAS prophetic to the exact place, the exact month, the exact day and bells sounded the exact time the first bomb fell on Ford Island! That strange graffiti was 1st viewed by hundreds of young Americans walking into school just as the first call to classes clapper bells sounded at 7:55 AM and we know it's the same time to this day!

    Our fleet desk manager lady from my town mentioned this time Friday morning talking about getting her 8 year old son to school on time vs riding the bus route in town. A local truck driver from this town was chatting with her. Bring up our legendary 6th grade boy I then hijacked the conversation noting the time of 7:55 AM the first bomb fell at Pearl Harbor and the driver remembered our legend saying it was one year before the attack. I said, "It was two years before the attack!"

    When the local Toyota plant was under construction local veterans posted a huge banner on a fence opposite the site and just across U.S. 41 south of Princeton, IN. On it was printed in huge letters, REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR!

    National Geographic Explorer's Time Line for the attack on Pearl Harbor

    0755 hours At the Command Center on Ford Island, Comdr. Logan C. Ramsey looks out a window to see a low-flying plane. A reckless U.S. pilot, he thinks. Then he sees “something black fall out of that plane” and realizes it’s a bomb.

    Ramsey runs to a radio room and orders the telegraph operators to send out an uncoded message to every ship and base: AIR RAID ON PEARL HARBOR X THIS IS NOT DRILL

    The coordinated attack begins as dive-bombers strike the Army Air Forces’ Wheeler Field, north of Pearl Harbor, and Hickam Field, near Ford Island’s Battleship Row. The Japanese, wanting control of the air, hope to destroy American warplanes on the ground.

    Most U.S. planes have been parked wingtip-to-wingtip in neat rows to make it easy to guard them against sabotage. Most are destroyed.

    I have only one question here. Have you heard of this true American legend? Plus comments if you have the time. clock

    This local legend is seldom brought up in conversations in the coffee or pizza shops. Many aren't aware of Bobby's chalk message. Most would be indifferent about it like we all were in late 39, in 40, and most of 41. Over the years there's been plenty said in magazines, the Sci-fi Channel, TV shows, and radio. All were mostly inaccurate in their account of local news that became news in all the nations newspapers after 12/7/41d!

    This was a chillingly prophetic child's prank. One that will never amount to anything but the coincidence or God wink (SQuire Rushnell) that it was to a sleeping nation.

    Sometimes there's a fine line between coincidence and fate!

    Before the release of the new Pearl Harbor movie I talked to an AP reporter. I suggested AP look him up in Cincinnati, Ohio USA for a first hand accounting from Bobby who is 77. She seemed interested and hadn't heard it. So much for her interest; she dropped the ball

    My cousin, the late Hollywood actor Robert Lowery, was the radar operator in the documentary that accompanied the Pearl Harbor 2 tape set sold in the US. It is narrated by actor Fritz Weaver.

    I doubt US war films like this are shown on UK television. Here, our History Channel will always show our need to correct the world's repeated historical blunders usually of the religious idealology /political /military kind. This unprovoked attack on the United States of America and the Free World had very many unheeded warnings. I believe this local legend is another Pearl Harbor warning seldom heard or correctly told. We lost 50 sailors on the USS Panay dive bombed by a future imperialist enemy on China's Yangtze River in 1937!

    Pearl Harbor's U.S. Naval Base 7th Fleet Commander Admiral Husband Kimmel was born and raised 35 miles from here. Kimmel is a familiar name from this town also.

    "When God winks" is explains coincidence and it was penned by New York City author SQuire Rushnell. He writes about the Lincoln-Kennedy parallels in their lives. Some call that part of Tecumseh's Curse on the US Presidents. Also he mentions the 1898 book of fiction named "Futility". When it hauntingly coincided with the fictional HMS Titan vs the 1912 sinking of the real HMS Titanic. Both hit an iceberg and lost a similar number of souls to the frigid North Atlantic waters!

    Comments? Questions? Or crickets?

    MK Cody

    _________________This came along for the ride across the Atlantic Ocean via the UK!
    "Coming Back to Life" - The Division Bell - Pink Floyd - 1994

    Ref the above link: Was there a spooky tribute, in lyrics, to Monsanto's CEO in 1994?
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    When trying to edit in minor changes nothing but a white box comes up!

    This above true story is linked to Twitter under @Malaria_Kidd. It's a kicker to click on the link and then come back in here to see the NSA's tracking computers arrive at IW to sniff out any "key words" linked to terrorism. I'm all for that but it's cool to look at Who's On Line at IW to see up to 11 or 12 visitors instantly coming to view (without human eyes) this newest topic! I told my cousin in northern California this information he was not aware about. He laughed in surprise! Try it yourself to see how fast the NSA's billions of dollars work for you!

    Now it's back on topic hoping some of this effort inspires members and future members to say hello here!

    Beyond Belief Fact Or Fiction - Graffiti - Fact - 1998 - hosted by Sci-Fi actor Jonathan Frakes

    If you remember viewing on the Syfy Channel our hugely prophetic local and national legend stop on in and let us know what you think of it.

    The whole world changed forever after the attack on Pearl Harbor!

    Maybe I can edit in the OP a few hours from now. As a nighttime truck driver I'm up all night during every weekend!

    Edited some time later as noted below*: Trying repeatedly to edit inside the OP the dreaded white box still shows as an empty void!

    Mark Elvidges's Mysterial allows editing not noted in a line at the bottom 24,7, 365!

    MK II
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    Now go to Coast to Coast AM for my call into Ian Punnett on November 26-27, 2001.

    I had a few lines I was not happy with. Early on when I noted Bobby's sidewalk message in white chalk I made it sound like the day's date was in white chalk too like this, "REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR December 7, 1939". The local high school's "graffiti" was printed out in huge letters on the exact month and day two years prior to the actual attack's date was not included with his legendary cryptic message.

    Another family fact I got wrong mentions, "My wife (Diana) was born in Manhattan and raised in the Bronx." While in bed she overheard me talking to Ian just after 3:00 AM. After I hung up the phone, still shocked at Ian's closing line, she corrected me saying, "I was born in Manhattan and raised there too."

    MK II
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    I thought I would elaborate once more on the exact same time on the clock point of interest I made in the OP.............

    Grade schools, middle schools and high schools all over America have something in common. It's the electronic clocks or now-a-days digital clock's call to classes with bells, chimes, or horns.

    Our old long gone school was no different. Here, as normal nationwide, the first class of the day started at 8:00 AM and the first call to class began sounding at 7:55 AM. So you know what took place in this town on the day of December 7, 1939; the alarm to our student's first class was sounded at 0755 on a Thursday morning in 1939.

    On that fateful Sunday of December 7, 1941 the first Japanese bomb fell on Ford Island at 0755 in the center of Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii!

    MK II.......The view count checker that I am had me just passin' through IW and then I stopped in here after noting 157 Guests were on line at the odd hour of 3:50 AM CST!
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    Icon1 Another day to remember with Remember as the first word describing what you'll do that day!

    It's too bad editing is not possible in the OP or inside following posts you've made. wink1:

    The OP contains the lists to Remember as the list continues to get longer. There's no end.

    Remember Manchester! - Ariana Grande Concert! May 22, 2017

    MK II
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