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Thread: Was Jesus An Alien?

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    Was Jesus An Alien?

    Believers of the Ancient Astronaut theory argue that aliens from advanced civilizations have visited Earth throughout history, guiding our religions. They believe that the divine events in the Bible were misinterpreted by early humans and the prophet Jesus Christ was actually an alien.

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    You know I'm a big fan of "Ancient Aliens" on the History Channel. I like, I appreciate the way they say "...what if..." or "...could be..." and they bring together evidence from all over the world. Putting puzzle pieces together, that sort of thing.

    And I've been on a Spiritual Journey...sometimes it's been rocky...trying to find, trying to discover, just what can I believe in?

    So, can the Ancient Sacred Lore, Sacred Writings (including The Bible) about Angels and Demons and gods and God and Redeemers, etc etc actually be stories about Aliens?

    I this point I figure it's the Search, the Journey, that's important.

    Let's try to just respect every one's Beliefs...agree to disagree...or agree to learn from each other!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing

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    Hi Doc and maryals! It's good you finally made it back here maryals! We few have missed you a lot!

    If Jesus was an alien we are too. But I'd like to think he was sent here on a mission to help everyone.

    Could he have been programmed somehow for our benefit?

    Was the Star of David a bright white, round orb-like, or star-like UFO beaming down it's bright light?

    Just like the ones I've seen several times speeding way faster than satellites. One even miscued a fast but gentle landing in a Jakarta, Indonesia shopping mall some years back. In conjunction with posting that video one World Net Daily writer called it a demon but it had the looks of a white angel!

    I only found the dark angel in the smilies so I picked out the Star War's trooper armored up in white plastic!

    Hey Doc! IW will rock and roll now that maryals has made it back!

    MK II

    I had not been here in a good while so I'm off to see the view counts where I've started some imaginative threads.
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