New book about UFO's and extraterrestrials in the Bible called The Originators Bible

Hi everyone. I've listened to the show for over twenty years. Now I've written a book called The Originators Bible available on Kindle at
The book is the first publishing of important new translations of the old testament done in the past few years by Hebrew scholars in the USA and Canada. These new translations reveal an alien civilization called The Originators in the Bible that actually created Earth and mankind. Everyone should download a copy because for less than four bucks you can read the Bible as it was meant to be understood. This stuff is not for the faint hearted. We've gone to the trouble of integrating these new translations into pertinent portions of the Old Testament and actually showing the reader what the Bible would read like if you simply used words like "extraterrestrial messenger" as opposed to angel. The entire creation story is changed and very different with these new translations and I hope everyone enjoys it. Please write me with any questions and I'll be happy to answer them or simply go to and given them a few bucks so you can download The Originators Bible to your Kindle or personal computer. Enjoy!