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Thread: Wrestling With Ghosts

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    Wrestling With Ghosts

    "Wrestling With Ghosts"

    A paranormal team suffers a demonic possession during an investigation, and the last remaining member scrambles to find strong willed replacements for his TV show...

    When he hires professional wrestler, comedian, and musician skeptics, a paranormal television show like no other rises from the ashes.

    "Wrestling With Ghosts" is definitely the funniest paranormal TV show ever, but over time, the team develops a theory that they think helps them capture some of the most unique evidence in paranormal television history.

    Ghost TV is about to get Funky.

    The self produced season of Wrestling With Ghosts will start airing episodes June 17th, 2017 at 10PM.

    Check out
    www (dot) FunkmasterV (dot) com
    for the show.
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    Episode #1 "I Used to be a Cop" is tonight!

    At 10PM EST tonight, you can watch the debut of Wrestling With Ghosts over at www(dot)FunkmasterV(dot)com
    The show is Funny, the show is fresh, and there is evidence the likes of which you will never see on any other show. Come make out with us tonight... I mean... watch the show...

    Thanks for the luv,
    Funkmaster V

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    Wussup babies... Episode 2 of Wrestling With Ghosts dropped last week and the fans are creeped out. There is evidence in this episode that you will not believe.

    The episode takes place at a hidden ghost town in North Carolina. You will not believe your eyes and ears!

    Watch all six segments here and to experience maximum thrills and chills.

    Go to
    www(dot)FunkmasterV(dot)com for the show!!!

    Thanks for the love!
    Watch out for episode 3 July 1st at 10PM EST at the same site

    Funkmaster V

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    I've never heard of Wrestling With Ghosts. I'll check it out for sure, I love ghost themed shows. Is the production value there?

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