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    To be enlightened is to see everything clearly in the light that emanates from Oneself.

    However, the light can only “shine” when the mirror is clean - i.e. when no judgements, emotions and other obstacles obscure the sight.

    Since such condition is scarce, even rarer is the event of enlightenment and – considering our characteristic short attention span – fleeting as well.

    Yet it is apparently so impressive, that almost anyone who experiences it will seek its re-occurrence.

    Taking into account the amount of respective Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu & Zen schools, and the number of permanent enlightened individuals - there seem more efforts being taken in the Orient than in the Occident*. Probably because the dualistic R/P mode of latter, its rationalism and feedback-mechanism of the intellect, inhibit Selfrealisation. Moreover, occidental seekers were often forced into the Occult, and to hide their methods & results – conditions unfavourable to enlightenment which, after all, is synonymous with liberty.
    In the beginning of the twentieth century A.Crowley introduced, as head of the “Ordo Templi Orientis”, a liberation tool developed in Buddhist & Hindu Tantra schools, that came to be known as sexual Magick, and to be able to annihilate the social & internal obstacles arising from sexual taboos, and to be a short path to Illumination.

    *Orient and Occident connote here R/P (Reflection/Projection) systems, as well as cerebral and global hemispheres (see “Another view of Consciousness”)

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    Enlightenment seems most ordinarily to occur during sexual activity, when Kundalini cleans the mirrors on her fiery rise in the spinal cord.
    Kundalini is a Tantric term for the energy snake curled at the bottom of the spinal cord - her rushing up manifests as a burning sensation. Her journey through the Chacras has been published plentiful and ought to be studied in authorized works (any suggestions?)

    For Chakras & Kundalini see Wikipedia and

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