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Thread: more paranormal evidence from Tennessee

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    more paranormal evidence from Tennessee

    Hey babies, in a handful of hours... "Wrestling With Ghosts" will offer up a smorgasbord of love, thrills, funk, chills, laughs and tears as well... Episode 5 "The Giant that Saved Gatlinburg" will groove you...

    Tonight at 10PM EST!

    Here's the trailer

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    Dogged gone the luck Funkmaster V! I was hauling Toyota Highlander's steel Saturday night and I missed out on your show. As some consolation Art Bell's "Somewhere In Time" had me mesmerized for three hours!

    I was first notified of your program "Wrestling With Ghosts" over in the UK at Halifax-West Yorkshire's very own Supernatural Earth provided to us by Admin-Madmart. I am an active moderator there who cans the SPAM and I contribute to IW and SNE on an occasional basis!

    You've now been cordially invited by me to branch out a bit and join in to comment on any topics here and in the UK. Some printed here and at SNE could be as interesting as Wresting With Ghosts! I have checked out your web sites and will continue to do so in the future. You fellas get into some strange situations, eh? I talk often to the dearly departed as Guardian Angels while driving on our highways and find encounters out there just as strange in 52 years of safe trucking coal, veneer logs, bulldozers, bulls, cows, calves, swine, and now auto parts!

    MK II

    Let's see if this works it's magic taking us to You Tube.........

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