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    Particular Projection/Reflection (P/R) modes engender particular emotions.

    Being aberrations of Will the force of creation, and Love the force that unites (relates) its manifestations - emotions may be considered weak forces.
    Strong force arises in the P/R equation of Will & Love

    Emotions tend to distort and impede the operations of mind – markedly those regarding its Self-realization.

    There are probably as many emotions as there are P/R varieties, although some, like envy & jealousy, emanate from similar confusions.

    Concerning Self-realization, the most misleading emotions are wishes & hopes, as they stir the belief of Homo to be able to be someone else than he is.

    Like all his weaknesses, Homo justifies his emotions too, claiming that they are essential for his survival as well as for being human, which might also be the reason for his belief that emotions make up a “person” (Latin: actors mask). A belief which has reached religious scales, considering that all the lost, the losers & those who want to play a role in life, make – with the help of media & commerce – ever more spectacles of their emotions, thus turning them into the most popular and successful self-deception-tool of modern times.

    A fatal emotion is fear, as it impedes the interactivity of psyche & soma, and thus can paralyze the mind.
    (An effective way to get rid of fear is doing everything that provokes and drives it to its limits.)

    When emotions become too much for Homo to handle, his psychologists & moralists place them into sub-conscious & sinful regions, thus enabling to regard himself as their victim.
    (Sub-consciousness denotes here a garbage disposal or dungeon of mind)

    However, emotions can be useful too, when scorn and anger arise, inflaming the desire to get rid of this mess - and if they are joined by pride and the lust to fight, the much the better, as they enable to attack vigorous and joyful all that which obstructs Self-realization.

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    Emotions can cause actions & reactions which, occasionally, chase each other throughout the life of their beholder.
    Some emotions can affect adrenalin rushes & heart attacks, while others may bring about murder & suicide, or Eifel- & Trump-towers.
    There are innumerable works about emotions and their effects, yet only few do mention that emotions are addictive. An omission that ought not to surprise, since addicts do not only tend to deny their predicament, but to elaborate sophisticated cover-ups, excuses & deceptions, and sometimes even try to seduce and to corrupt those who do not cherish
    Anger - Anguish – Anxiety - Existenceangst - Disgust - Distrust - Hatred – Envy - Fear – Greed - Frustration – Grief – Guilt – Hostility - Humiliation - Jealousy - Regret – Rage – Remorse – Resentment - Sadness - Shame – Sorrow - Suffering ….

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    Oriental, foremost Hindu, Taoist & Buddhist thinkers, developed and taught during millennia a vast variety of techniques to control, reduce and eradicate emotions. Teachers and practitioners of these methods claim living a much fuller and more humanistic life.
    In the Occident* obviously still prevails the myth that emotions are predetermined by genesis & genetics and thus could and ought neither be eliminated nor – from the addict-perspective – controlled.

    *more about in

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    Only through the sheer expression of twitching impulses and the free release of glamour that redirects and floods our feelings with fullness and a big jar of hearts really sets ablaze and exasperated, hurling candy and dancing with dragons showers of healing that vibrate in our minds, and give us the jolt of fun that propels us forward.
    Notebook -!

    For the Perfect One beholds itself in the light surrounding it. This is the spring of the water of life that gives forth all the worlds of every kind. The Perfect One gazes upon its image, sees it in the spring of the spirit, and falls in love with the luminous water. This is the spring of pure, luminous water surrounding the Perfect One.

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