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Thread: 11/2: The oxygen of publicity

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    11/2: The oxygen of publicity

    The recent attack in New York has now convinced me that the War on Terror has ultimately failed and no matter what laws they make to take away your rights in the aftermath, we must band together and stop the never ending cycle of political hijacking of a crisis which has been created by the alphabet agencies themselves. Once the magic word, "terrorism" is used to describe an event, it becomes more of a human interest story and quickly forgotten. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks about THE OXYGEN OF PUBLICITY.
    The post 11/2: THE OXYGEN OF PUBLICITY appeared first on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis.


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    Failure is not an option way into the future for the planet's oldest war. But all the "politically correct" ways to fight the War on Terror/religious crisis has failed us miserably! The Roaring 20's war on beer and hard liquor failed, the endless war on drugs will always be that way too, but this long war has no end date.

    rssp wrote "we must band together and stop the never ending cycle of political hijacking of a crisis which has been created by the alphabet agencies themselves."

    There's just one problem that long exists.Your fitting that statement in during the years since September 11, 2001 could be probable to many. But knowing "their war on all Infidels" began over 1,400 years ago.There were no alphabet agencies to be blaming in America since what, the late 1920s? I do agree that there is a dark side to both sides and the innocents will always suffer badly in the middle of their insane operations.

    Thanks for posting that show from Clyde Lewis' Ground Zero I'd only heard parts of due to lightning static. Clyde, just like George Norry was too easy on the jihadists who yell their battle cry "Allahu Ackbar!" while attacking. Both basically said those two Arabic words simply mean something comparable to, "Praise Jesus" by Clyde and George said, "God is great!". When it REALLY means "their deity is greater or bigger than any other religions deities!". The Ackbar word means bigger, biggest, larger or greater!

    Maybe this IW link will inspire your reply related to Clyde's 11/2 topic. Let's hope this time you chose the option to receive notations of action here by e-mail.

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