The way mind processes data reflects in its offspring, the computer.
However, the coordination capabilities of latter improve continuously, whereas mind seems to have problems handling the increase of external & internal, objective & subjective data.
More often than not, this is blamed on its hardware, i.e. the physiological aspects, yet rarely on the programs that coordinate the data, despite that many of them are obviously outdated, inefficient, hijacked by emotions and/or malwares which question the capabilities and sometimes even deny the functions of mind, thus impeding the possibility to repair & update its software.
But to alter something requires knowledge and understanding of its structures and dynamics – in this case of the mind. Lamentably, the mind of Sapiens knows more about molecules and galaxies than about itself. Not because Self-knowledge is an impossible task – after all everyone spends a lifetime with/in his/her mind – but because of millennia of systematic self-denial and subjection to external, superior, eternal etc powers called god, fate and whatever else seems suitable to cover up a lack of Self-responsibility.
Admittedly, Self-response-ability can be a pain in the butt – yet it can also be a blessing, as it may entail the realisation that all (external/internal/subjective/ objective) phenomenon are interrelated - and coordinated by/in the mind…