I'm sure the members of this forum are way more in the know than i, so I'm an "odd man out". But still, I found interesting Wilcock's recent interview with some high-ranking guy who mentioned something about an "Alliance" within nations - who are working behind the scenes to legally replace the deep state with the good guys. And that they now have an assurance of military backing, based on a cryptic legality which was smartly tweaked in a way as to assure success. it was way over my head, but still intriguing, in light of the recent ongoing mass arrests both in U.S. & Saudi.

Especially when coupled with Foster Gamble's mention of something similar (about a year ago or more).

And especially when followed last week with Mike Savage mentioning that he finally managed to gain a private audience with Trump at Mara Lago, and had his concerns finally allayed. (Trump didn't even know that some mysterious party had been blocking Mike).

All three have kept mum of course, but they're seeming to point to the same thing.

If anyone is more in the know about all three, and wouldn't mind summarizing your analysis in just a few sentences, and in an objective neutral way - I'd be interested to hear such a summary. It's hard for me to handle too much info. Thanks.