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Thread: 4/5/18: The eschaton sequence

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    4/5/18: The eschaton sequence

    Some people see catastrophic events as a soul salvation which they use as a foundation for faith in an eschaton that promises them deliverance from an external savior. The faithful declare that what we are seeing are portents, signs and wonders for the possible fulfillment of the apocalypse. These end of the world ideas are generally a combined result of more than one anomalous experience and a larger number of experiences are associated with greater effects. We are living in a trauma paradigm that is creating real victims and generating real thoughts of a horrific end to the existence of mankind. On tonight's show, Clyde Lewis talks about THE ESCHATON SEQUENCE.
    The post 4/5/18: THE ESCHATON SEQUENCE appeared first on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis.


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    thanks for sharing....

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