Nearly three years ago I started experiencing what some would call delusions. I started noticing people following me, then vehicles and eventually I started noticing trees. I noticed that trees would almost sway away when I would focus on them. It led to me noticing what seemed like people or beings in these trees. Pictures I would snap would seem to alter before my eyes. In a few instances I viewed orbs and some sort of metallic device in the trees. I placed security cameras up and they caught what appear to be images of a humanoid figure observing my apartment or neighborhood.

In the same right I started video taping inside my apartment and caught images of what appear to be a single dragonfly, unlike the dragonfly Tom saw but an actual dragonfly as known by nature. It only appears in video as a shadow but I belied it to be a drone, mechanical in nature but was never able to catch it. This is when things went awry for me. Of course I started telling people of my experiences and of course I was immediately ostracized. As for the beings or humanoids in the trees, one day out of the blue I stumbled across "Google Street". Fascinated at the images and immediately hit with the notion to check the locations of every site I has seem something I dove in. Eureka. Every tree, every place there was an instance I believed I had seen something I saw the same image on "Google Street" Blown away by how I had missed the opportunity for so long to investigate this and the sheer relief at not being a lunatic I took screen shots from every image online. I forwarded these images immediately to family members and continued about my day. The area I had seen most of the things with my own eyes was contained within a 10 block radius in my neighborhood of West Adams Avenues in LA. I have lived here, in the neighborhood for nearly 15 years, 7 years at my current location and 7 years one block away.

Less then 2 hours after sending the screen shots to my family members the trees were being cut down, the images on google street had been scrubbed, blurred out as if erased. One area in particular was a tree with a long bush at the base of it. Between the time frame of 3 months the bush, as I observed using images from "Google Street" and my own eyes grew massively and when it was removed left what appear to be indentations on the grass of some sort of perfectly straight, heavy object. I later decided it was some sort of hunting or camouflage sitting area. In that particular tree and bush area I took images of what appeared to be humanoids or beings observing or even perhaps flying some sort of drones. In the same yard as the tree and bush I observed with my eyes and using "google street" images of what they want to appear as vines but were actually ropes, into a pulley system holding up raised "observation Points" These all disappeared when the trees were cut down after I took screen shots and sent the images.

Now my apartment is some sort of lab, or observing point either by military, government that what me to believe I am going crazy, are trying to silence me or
have actually allowed these beings to observe my family at close range. My food has been tainted, poisoned or switched entirely. I observe shadow figures over our bed in the darkness. Faces of Greys in the walls and surrounding landscapes outside my apartment. In one instance I was able to show a friend a picture what I first mistook for a lil Tiki guy but later realized it was a tiny Grey. My friend stated she had captured the same figure outside her house some 12 years prior. I have witnessed what appear to be what I call "wire walkers" because they are of en electrical make up, walking over the power lines inbetween houses. I have pulled things from my body what appear to be tiny delivering system of a being place into me somehow. The funny thing is I have not been frightened at all, more curious and worried what if anything is happening to my 2 1/2 year old son who is now pointing out what I see. I believe they communicate with him.

Over the entire time frame I have amassed a multitude of photos and videos alot of which have change before my very eyes. SO many in fact I believe many of them I have yet to review.