This essay discusses the concept of 'polarity' in magic. It may at some point be published in a book, however this is universal and useful enough that I really can't justify holding this essay back.

Anyone can share this. I ask that this be shared in full if you opt to do so. This is a simple, and powerful lesson suited to practitioners of all levels of Magic. I would like this one to be discussed and shared widely, and my alias is pretty generic so I'm not fussed about credit. I am however hot about no-one claiming false credit.

So let us discuss polarity as it applies to Magic. There are Magicians who use polarity in Magic and I agree that this can be great fun; however transcending polarity is a much more energy efficient way of casting. Polarity depending on what you seek to do with it can be fun for you and others, but my God is it expensive!

This exercise can be used for two things: Steering through polarities and transcending them. I don't have Buddhist teaching in this life but I know some of the basics: The goal is to overcome Maya and graduate to Most Real. Real as a person, real in your perceptions, and no longer needing the half-truths of polarity to steer by.

In a very real sense, overcoming Maya means seeing through lies. It also means seeing in terms of more and more wholeness in Truths.

So! Magic as I see it is inherently Energy-over-Entropy, and the existence of anything at all is proof that Energy-over-Entropy has created. We have whole Galaxies of stars, and whole clusters of Galaxies. Space is huge: there are Galaxy Superclusters. So far we haven't found the edge of Space in this Universe. Maybe there *is* no edge, just more and more stars, forever.

The existence of stars is about the most energetic proof that Energy-over-Entropy exists and works that is possible short of looking to Galactic Centres. It doesn't matter that there are generations of stars and that they wear out. It doesn't matter that there are pictures of heat-death of the Universe. For there to be a 'before' in that picture for us to live in Energy-over-Entropy has to at least have created this Universe. Is it singular? Or is this a Continuous Creation rather than a Singular Creation Universe?

These questions are beyond science to answer. Isn't that refreshing! Science, in this age of computers and electricity, *can't solve that*. My magic could in theory make a go at that but observation in truth shows that there was a singular Energy-over-Entropy event (the Big Bang) and that there's been a bunch of Continuous Creation after it (Stars, matter, gravity and such).

From your perspective in Polarity, some Polarities will feel good to you and some won't. This is a question of your Inherent Ray Nature, and as far as I know is an unchangeable Inherent Quality. The interesting thing is that Polarities you have issues with often teach the most valuable lessons, because they give you a footing to push against.

Polarities that support you on the other hand - those that feel good - will make that pushing easier.

I ask you to throw out the idea of 'good' and 'bad' polarities for this exercise. It's the wrong toolset. If you and some friends are in opposing teams for a game of Tug-of-War then there will be those who pull with you and those who pull against you. If there were only one team and a rope then all you could do was stand around looking silly. In other words polarity games aren't about enemies and friends if you see the whole; it's much more healthy exercise and competition before a nice evening at the pub.

Okay, I can concede that's a masculine metaphor (then again, maybe not for everyone) but I am hoping the meaning shines through.

So how to define this in universal terms? How to create a focus on this concept for magic?

Two of the most universal ways of seeing energy is that it can (seen through polarity) exist in two states: Energy over Entropy, and Entropy over Energy. Which order those two terms go in is unimportant; in a game of tug of war the teams could be on either side of the rope and it would still be the same game.

However, magical tradition considers the entropic path to be the Left Hand Path and the energetic to be the Right Hand Path so I'm going to use that symbolism.

On your Left, a Door. This Door is the Door of Entropy-over-Energy. This Door exists to *challenge* Energetic states. There is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we grow from challenges.

On your Right, a Door. This is the Door of Energy-over-Entropy. This Door is highly Energetic; its purpose is to fuel Energy. If what's given off by this Door is your own energy you can just take it, and that's fine. If someone else's energy is represented there then it isn't just taking, but those here would typically want to grow with you; otherwise they would be on the *other* side.

Through either Door you can steer (or perhaps the metaphor is pass through?), and you can steer relative to either Door. If you're steering with the Doors relative to each other then by definition you are navigating polarities.

You can pass through both Doors at the same time. Maybe there will be a literal flash of Light when you do this. If you do that you are combining polarities. That's more energy efficient. You can also pull the Doors apart; less energy efficient, more polarised.

What you do with this is up to you. I would council though that overall, this Planet is choosing to leave the Polarity Game behind. It's a Free Will Universe; there's a deadline but we have freedom within it.

You might ask how those two Doors balance? They do so through you. Your Centre. *YOU* are your own Centre. You cannot help but be your own point of Balance.

That's everything you need to know how to steer through Polarities, to make them more intense, and less intense. It's a simplification; you might choose many grades of Energy-over-Entropy, or if you see the other way, vice versa. I would advise against getting bogged down with complex models. Think of it in terms of old radios; you only need two dials (and the point of Balance, the radio itself).

This lesson is complete here. As an advanced exercise, see about thinking about this with your energy centres, your Chakras. Don't limit this to your form. Your fields have energy centres too.