Beloved for his blue-collar bona fides by American working class fans, at the peak of his 40 year career prowess The Wrestler Who Made Milwaukee Famous embarked on his first ever tour of the Orient in 1967. On this visit his biggest event was a match against International JWA champion Giant Baba December 6th in Tokyo.

A legend in Japan, this is regarded as one of the cruelest matches in the history of Pro Wrestling

Giant Baba watches The Crusher drinking beer

Five years earlier before a stateside bout between the two Da Crusher said "Iím going to get an axe and go around Pittsburgh to find the biggest tree, so I can chop it down and whittle a box out of it to send that guy back to Japan. So what if he knows judo and karate? That doesnít worry The Crusher."

That night in '62 Crusher beat Baba in 3:48. Home country advantage saved Baba in '67: With the 3 fall match called to a draw, a bloody batsh!t Crusher goes off on Baba -