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Thread: OPUS DEI - It's After You! Grab Your Whip and Cilice!

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    OPUS DEI - It's After You! Grab Your Whip and Cilice!

    I have been watching the activities of Opus Dei for the past four months with the greatest attention, and I believe that the rise to American political power of Opus Dei may be the most unreported political story of the Bush Era. I have known, for example, that four of the five Catholic Supreme Court Justices who ruled against First Amendment whistleblower protection on Monday, 29 May 2006, in Garcetti v. Ceballos, have direct ties to Opus Dei and that both the FBI and the CIA are infested with Opus Dei members.

    But just today I learned that Opus Dei has now begun to move into the U.S. Senate. Many of you people know what a right-wing freak Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas is. What I did not know is that in 2002 Brownback converted to Opus Dei Catholicism under the sponsorship of Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania. On Wednesday, 7 June 2006, the Marriage Protection Amendment, which Brownback and Santorum cosponsored, was defeated in the U.S. Senate. But Brownback did everything that he could to pass the proposed amendment, and to do so, he used a position paper by Opus Dei’s new think tank at Princeton University, the Witherspoon Institute, to buttress his line of argumentation. And Opus Dei, who has no use for John McCain, probably will support Brownback for President in 2008. The sordid details are here:

    The situation gets worse and worse and worse. Ave Maria University, in Jeb Bush’s Florida, is a major meeting place for Vatican officials and American military-intelligence-industrial operatives. The Catholic Church’s first Opus Dei cardinal, Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne, whom many Peruvians believe helped to poison his Jesuit predecessor, played a big role in Garcia’s recent electoral victory in Perú. Americans still do not understand why FBI Opus Dei member Robert Hanssen spied for the Soviet Union for fifteen years before he was caught or what role he played in getting Opus Dei member Louis Freeh chosen as Clinton’s FBI Director. Yes, Louis Freeh, who still worships every Sunday at the “traditional” Catholic Church in Virginia with his fellow Opus Dei member, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. While Opus Dei recruits aggressively on the Harvard University campus from its Esterbrook Religious Center. It goes on and on and on, right before our eyes…

    We really need to talk about this lethal danger to American democracy. Especially now, when Da Vinci Code audiences are feeling so sorry for Opus Dei over Brown and Howard’s characterization of Silas, the mad albino assassin monk, who runs up and down the street shooting people when he is not whipping himself senseless and driving nails into his thighs. The reality of Opus Dei is far, far, far worse than anything that Brown or Howard ever could have imagined.
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    Some more information on this little discussed "Secret Society"!!

    Opus Dei

    The last century saw many changes in the Catholic Church. One such change was the granting of Personal Prelature status on Opus Dei, which is a sect within the Catholic Institutional structure, created by Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer in 1928.

    "In 1982, Opus Dei was established as a 'Personal Prelature' by Pope John Paul II. The term 'Personal' means that membership of Opus Dei is not linked to territory (as is the case in a diocese, for instance.) 'Prelature' means that the head of Opus Dei is a 'Prelate' appointed by the Pope.

    The Vatican Yearbook indicates that Opus Dei includes about 1,800 priests. The remainder of the 85,000 members are laypersons. Approximately a quarter of Opus Dei's members are "numeraries," who have committed themselves to celibacy in order to be more available for the organization's activities.

    The majority of the lay members are "supernumeraries," who are involved in Opus Dei's activities but do not make a commitment of celibacy. Opus Dei additionally has many "cooperators," who assist its activities through prayer, donations, or other means"

    The election of Pope John Paul II resulted in the installation of many Opus affiliates within the hierarchical structure of the Vatican. The canonization of Escriva solidified the sect's legitimacy. There is confusion about Opus Dei since traditionally, the Catholic Church always condemned Secret Societies.


    A website question asked what the Church's official position is on Opus Dei as late as 2007. The answer given by a Fr. Michael reflects the opinion of many Catholics:

    " Jose Maria Escriva de Balaguer, the founder of Opus Dei, anticipated and developed 30 years before Vatican II a revolutionary, new, secular theology of the laity, and accepted the principle of pluralism and indifferentism: a NovusOrdo Seclorum. In 1982 John Paul II created this group as a "personal prelature."

    Suspiciously, this act occurred in the same year that the wealthy sect allegedly transferred almost $1,000,000,000 into the Vatican Bank, bailing it out of an embarrassing bankruptcy. In a second maneuver that raised eyebrows, the pope placed the founder of Opus Dei on the "fast track" for New Order sainthood, accelerating an often centuries-long waiting-period for canonization to a mere twenty years..............

    Full Article

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    Opus Dei is more evidence that the Roman Catholic Church is at the top of the pyramid. As the OP said, it's members are very much active in the intelligence community. There is evidence that the FBI was deeply involved in organizing the OKC Bombing of 1995 -- the FBI chief at the time was Louis Freeh, an alleged member of Opus Dei who sent his son to an "Opus Dei academy".

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