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Our breadth & depth of subjects, our range of experience, our friendliness, our non-judgmental attitude, our casual air, along with our sense of adventure, learning and camaraderie creates a unique environment for all interested in those things that "Go bump in the Night", The Unexplained, the Unanswered Questions of our Universe and the Cosmos and how we fit in to it all!!

We are THE Destination for people who like Coast to Coast AM, Unknown Country, Alex Jones, Whitley, Ian, Art, George, Rob McConnell, Nicole Whitney....and or all the paranormal media genre available, however, we are geared toward general paranormal topics with a hint of C2C rather than vice versa

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    We are all a big family, we help each other out, and stimulate each other to new achievements.
  • We have well known personalities posting here; authors, researchers, medias folks ... who post simply because the content at Imaginative worlds intrigues them!
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  • Most of all and most importantly, we are a dynamic and growing team. We are forward looking, diverse and always welcome new ideas and posts. What you see here now is only a seed of what WE may become, with your participation!!!
  • We offer a "Real Time Chat" during Coast to Coast AM 7 days a week, however do not limit our members to that one specific show, nor do we expect them to praise any show, host or any guest. All opinions, comments, input is welcome provided it is posted in a respectful manner.
  • We offer some of the best depth and breadth on the Paranormal, Metaphysical, Conspiratorial, Human Condition topics on the net!! Where else can you stay up all night during Coast, yet talk about Time Travel, to OBE's, ETs, Sorcery....did we really go to the Moon, 911??...you name it we have it all...day or night!!!
  • We have many members here from various other Forums, including the Streamlink site....We Welcome you all!!! Come check us out...we just may become your Forum of choice!!

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