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    Wizard of Oz - Dark Side of the Moon....

    As you can tell I'm on a strange roll today....this is innovative yet a bit strange...interesting nevertheless

    Wizard of Oz - Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd Dub (with voice track)

    The Pink Floyd album 'Dark Side of the Moon' dubbed over the film 'The Wizard of Oz' with original voice track still added. the album plays ... all » two and half times to the duration of the movie.

    Project, think you might get a real kick out of this

    Do unto Others as you would have them do unto you

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    Lightbulb I can't seem to find these syncs at The DeVille's Workshop.

    Print for reference.......This is the complete listing of the connections to The Wizard Of Oz 1939 and The Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd 1973.

    Here's many reasons to play this at your house. Watch these lines as it plays. An inexpensive DVD is available at the link at the bottom.

    First Play of CD turned on at the third roar of the MGM lion,....and may the most famous and viewed lion R.I.P.

    1) The first evidence of perfect timing is when the song changes from "Speak to Me" to "Breathe", which happens precisely as the name of producer Mervyn LeRoy fades onto the screen.

    2) "Breath, breath in the air", Auntie Em is bending over the chicken pen and has a sour look on her face. Whew, indeed!

    3) "Don't be afraid to care", and Dorothy looks concernedly back and forth.

    4) "Leave, but don't leave me ...", and Auntie Em turns her head and appears to say "Leave" to Dorothy - and then Dorothy turns and leaves.

    5) "... Look around ...", and then Dorothy looks around.

    6) "... and choose your own ground", as the scene changes and there is the farmhand (Scarecrow) sitting on the ground.
    7) "... tears you'll cry... ", when the SCARECROW hits his hand..... when he's checking out his hand that he just hurt.

    Cool "... All you touch ...", as Dorothy touches the farmhand (Cowardly Lion) on the arm.

    9) "Dig that hole ...", and then the farmhand (Scarecrow) points at the ground.

    10) "... When at last the work is done ...", the farmhand (Scarecrow) hits his finger with the hammer, right on the drum beat, and his work is done.

    11) "Don't sit down ...", and Dorothy doesn't sit down, but rather stands on the stool.

    12) "it's time to dig another one" and Toto jumps on the stool!

    Note: There are lots of particular instances that match with holes, death, dying, and flying. Possible theme?

    13) "... high you fly", Dorothy has her arms extended as if she can fly. High you fly matches all 3 times. (Just wait 'til you see the 3rd time!)

    14) "... Balanced on the biggest wave ...", Dorothy is balancing on the fence.

    15) "... race towards an early grave", and then Dorothy falls off the fence and onto her back like she's falling into a hole. (Judy Garland died at the unfair-ly young age of 47.)

    16) While Dorothy is singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", her eyes follow the sounds of airplanes and helicopters from one side of the screen to the other.

    Note: Watch for the eyes following sounds across the screen in lots of places all throughout the movie!

    17) Elvira Gulch (The Wicked Witch) appears on her bicycle at the precise moment the chimes in "Time" start, and then gets off of it when they stop.

    1Cool Watch as uncle Henry raises and lowers the paint brush in time with the gongs.

    19) Uncle Henry snaps his fingers on the first booming bass chord of "Time". Really good scene transition to inside Dorothy's house.

    20) Dorothy and the others move in time with the rhythm and mood of the music. (watch the eyes and side to side movements)

    21) "... You fritter and waste the hours in an off hand way ...", Uncle Henry shrugs his shoulders on "off hand", like he can't believe how Ms. Gulch is wasting her time (and theirs) over poor little harmless Toto.

    22) "Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town ...", Toto peeks his head out of the bicycles' basket and looks down at the ground. A moment later he jumps out and lands on the ground.

    23) "... Waiting for someone or something to show you the way ...", Toto appears in Dorothy's window - to show her the way!

    24) "... Tired of lying in the sunshine ...", Dorothy lowers her head next to Toto and for that precise moment they are both lying in the sunshine.

    25) "... and there is time to kill today ...", Dorothy hugs Toto close with concern, maybe because of how close he came to being killed. Not to mention that Dorothy will kill two people herself later that day!

    26) "... and then one day you find ...", as Dorothy reaches under the bed to find her suitcase.

    27) "... Ten years have got behind you ...", and we see Dorothy from behind.

    2Cool "... No one told you when to run ...", Dorothy is running away from home.

    29) The scene changes as the guitar solo in Time begins.

    30) The bridge Dorothy and Toto cross is triangle-shaped like the prism on the cover of "The Dark Side of the Moon".

    31) The song that's playing now is "Time", and we see the words "Past, Present, and Future painted on the side of Professor Marvel's wagon. (Some really good musical transitions and sync's are coming up!)

    32) "... to come up behind you again ...", as Professor Marvel is coming up behind Dorothy.

    33) "... but you're older ...", and Professor Marvel is older!

    34) "Shorter of breath and one day closer to death", a moment later, Professor Marvel does not blow out the match (shorter of breath), he shakes it out. (extinguishing the flame signifies death)

    35) "... Or half a page of scribbled lines ...", referring to the photo that Professor Marvel sneaks from Dorothy's basket. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it's the size of half a page!

    36) "... Hanging on in quiet desperation ...", Dorothy looks desperate as she quietly listens to Professor Marvel.

    37) "... Home, home again ...", Professor Marvel is telling Dorothy she should go home again.

    38) "... to hear the softly spoken magic spell ...", as Dorothy starts to leave Professor Marvel and breaks the magic spell. She grabs her hand-basket right on the word "magic". (Going to Hell in a handbasket?)

    39) "And I am not frightened of dying ...", as the tornado heads toward the Gale,farm (see Note below).

    Note: gale - NOUN: 1. A very strong wind. 2. Any of four winds with speeds of from 32 to 63 miles (51 to 102 kilometers) per hour, according to the Beaufort scale. 3. A forceful outburst: gales of laughter. 4. Archaic A breeze. (hmmmm . . . curiouser and curiouser . . . )

    40) Claire Torry's task was to sing a song about death ... with no lyrics! What a great job she does, too! Her wailing, moaning vocals match the emotional setting and actions of the entire tornado sequence perfectly. Very fitting.

    41) The window is blown in and hits Dorothy on the head, knocking her unconscious. Her arm falls to the bed on "Oh". Then the song quietens down, and Dorothy begins her dream-world "trip" to Oz.

    42) "The Great Gig in the Sky" plays during the entire tornado scene, including while the house is in the sky!

    43) Dorothy opens her bedroom door on the last note of "The Great Gig in the Sky". Really nice transition!

    44) The cash register at the beginning of "Money" rings as Dorothy opens the door to the beautiful, money-green colored Munchkin Land.

    45) "Money, get back ...", and Dorothy turns her back to the camera.

    46) "Don't give me that do-goody-good BULLSHIT", and Glenda the (Do-Goody) Good Witch approaches in her bubble.

    47) "... I think I need a Lear jet ...", as Glinda arrives in her bubble . . . a bubble-jet?!? How cool is that?

    48) When Glinda points her wand at Toto, he stands up on cue, as the saxophone sounds like it's saying "Toto". This one is really good, and you have to pay close attention to catch it.

    49) Glinda looks like she is fingering the frets of a guitar at points during the guitar parts. (My nephew, Chris P. , who played bass with "The Nonchalants" pointed this out to me in 1999)

    50) The Munchkins move to the music during the guitar solo of "Money", and then the soldiers march in time with the music, snapping their arms to their chests in rhythm with the snare!

    51) "Share it, fairly, but don't take a slice of my pie", as one of the Munchkins hands Dorothy some flowers. [analysis: He thinks he will get Dorothy to "share it fairly" by giving her flowers, and Dorothy is saying no way to a slice of her pie (do NOT pass go). It is said that on at least one occasion a randy little munchkin asked Judy Garland for a "date".]

    52) During the beginning of "Us and Them", the music is very somber as the Munchkin Coroner unfurls the "Certificate of Death".

    53) The Munchkin officials appear to be talking along with the voices on the CD.

    54) "Us ... us .... us ...", as the ballerinas enter.

    55)"... and them ...", and the ballerinas gesture at the crowd behind them.

    56) The three munchkins from the Lollipop Guild sing, "... me, me, me and you, you, you ...", to Dorothy as they jerk their lewd, pelvic thrusting dance in time with the music.

    57) "Forward he cried, from the rear...", it looks like the Munchkins all sing along.

    5Cool "... and the lines on the map moved from side to side ...", and the Wicked Witch appears in a puff of smoke, causing the munchkins to scatter into two separate sides.

    59) "Black and blue ...", "Black" as it shows the witch who is wearing black , and "blue" when it shows Dorothy who is wearing blue.

    60) "... And who knows which is which...", (witch is which / which is witch?)

    61) "... up, up, up, and down, down, down ...", On "up", the Wicked Witch of the West has her broom raised up, and on "down" she goes down the steps.

    62) "Haven't you heard, it's a battle of words? ...", Glinda whispers into Dorothy's ear, and then returns to her verbal battle with the Wicked Witch.

    63) "... And in the end it's only round and round...", as Glinda points her wand at Dorothy's feet as they turn round.

    64) "... said the man with the gun ...", and the Wicked Witch of the West is pointing her finger at Dorothy like a gun!

    65) "Down ...", and Dorothy looks down.

    66) and out ... ", as Glinda leaves the scene in her bubble. (and out she goes!)

    67)"... with, with, with ... without ...", Dorothy's foot touches the starting point of the Yellow Brick Road on the word "with", and she is holding Toto. "... without", and a couple of beats later she puts Toto down, and is without him in her arms.

    6Cool "... Get out of the way, it's a busy day, I've got things on my mind ...", and the crowd of Munchkins has parted to make way for Dorothy to leave on her journey.

    69) Really nice transition as "Us and Them" changes to "Any Colour You Like".

    70) "... Got to keep the loonies on the path ...", Dorothy and the Scarecrow are actually sitting on the Yellow Brick Road, or path.

    71) "... The lunatic is on the grass ...", a moment later, the Scarecrow, who is stuffed with grass, lands on his (gr)ass!

    72) The Scarecrow is singing "If I Only Had a Brain" as the song "Brain Damage" is playing.

    73) "... and if there is no room upon the hill ...", The Scarecrow touches the top of his hat, which is round like the top of a hill.

    74) "And if your head explodes ...", and the Scarecrow jumps up in the air on the word "explodes".

    75) "... you make the change ...", as the scene changes.

    76) "... and throw away the key", The Scarecrow gestures toward the apple trees and right on the word "key" he looks like he's throwing something. (Coincidence(?): L. Frank Baum wrote another story called "The Master Key".)

    77) "... There's someone in my head but it's not me ...", Dorothy reaches up to pluck an apple. The way her eyes are looking upward and her tongue sticking out makes her look a bit maniacal - for a second. (Doesn't this sound like Eve and the "forbidden fruit"?)

    7Cool "... you shout and no-one seems to hear", as the Apple Trees are shouting at Dorothy.

    79) (crazy laughter) and Dorothy%u2019s eyes get big when she sees the Tin Man's foot.

    80) "... all that you touch ...", and Dorothy is once again touching a man's arm, this time the Tin Man.

    81) "... all you mistrust ...", and the Scarecrow takes the oil can away from Dorothy.

    82) "... beg, borrow, or steal ...", and we see the Tin Man (steel, get it?)

    Thought: Stretch your imagination a little. Replace the word "all" with "oil" ( i.e.: "... oil that you taste ..."). Yeah, yeah, I know, but trust me on this one! It's in the pronunciation. Never mind, you'll see what I mean when you watch it. . .

    83) Dorothy puts her ear against the Tin Man's chest to the sound of a heartbeat at the end of the album.

    Important Note: All other versions come with disclaimers, such as "Nothing is quite as good as the first play-through of the CD". Many versions even end here. But this version's "Superior Matches do keep going, and going, and going . . . . . . . . . . .

    Second Play of CD

    84) The CD starts again with the sound of a heartbeat and the Tin Man sings "If I Only Had a Heart".

    85) Really good musical/scenic transitions and sync's as the Tin Man straightens out his leg and then dances in time with the music.

    86) "... Breathe, breath in the air ...", The Tin Man sits down and is taking obvious deep breaths.

    87) "Look around ...", Dorothy, Scarecrow, and the Tin Man hear the arrival of the Wicked Witch and look around.

    88) "... and high you fly ...", The Wicked Witch of the West is on top of the house complete with her broom.

    89) "... Run, rabbit , run ...", as the Wicked Witch throws a fireball at the Scarecrow.

    90) "Dig that hole ...", and the Scarecrow lands on his back

    Note: During the second play-through of On the Run there are some truly incredible matches with the Cowardly Lion. Too many to list. You'll see.

    91) There is a zhooming sound and the Cowardly Lion shakes his head quickly as if to clear it.

    92) "Hahhhh ....", as the Cowardly Lion appears to laugh.

    93) Especially notable is the scene with an airplane sound that travels from right to left, and the Cowardly lion follows the sound by turning his head in that direction. This is followed by a crashing sound and we see the Scarecrow on the ground.

    94) During the scene where Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion are walk/skipping to the see the Wizard, they do so to the drum score at the beginning of "Time" . . . really cool!

    95) "... And there is time to kill today ...", The Wicked Witch of the West is trying to kill Dorothy with the deadly Poppies.

    96) "... to come up behind you again ...", as the Scarecrow stands up behind Dorothy.

    97) "... Shorter of breath and one day closer to death...", The Cowardly Lion appears to be short of breath, and falls onto his back exactly on the word "death"!

    9Cool "... Home ..." as Dorothy sits up, "... home again ...", as the Cowardly Lion sits up.

    99) "... be here when I Can", and Dorothy points at the Tin Man. Earlier in the forest, the Lion asks the Tin Man "How long can you stay fresh in that CAN?" (A chilling thought: be here [beer] ... can --- BEER in a CAN --- and cold, too. Now that's refreshing!)

    100) "... cold and tired ...", Cold = Snow , Tired = Poppies. Something to think about - junkies use "snow" when they need to "wake up".

    101) "... It's good to warm my bones beside the fire", and we see what looks like flames of blue and red in the Wicked Witches' crystal ball.

    102) "Far away across the field ...", as the poppy field reappears on the word field.

    103) "... calls the faithful ...", and the Scarecrow looks up at the heavens. He looks around, too, like he can hear it!

    104) "...To hear the softly spoken magic spell", exactly as the four exit the poppy field and emerge onto the Yellow Brick Road again, and the Wicked Witch of the West's "magic spell" of the poppies is broken.

    105) The "Money" cash register rings again as the Wicked Witch of the West sky-writes "SURRENDER DOROTHY" in smoke.

    106) "Money" is playing in the green Emerald City - another reference to money-green!

    107) "... make a stash ...", and the Doorman (a.k.a. the Wizard) at the Temple of Oz has a great big fake mustache. Make a stash = fake mustache?

    108) In the Palace of Oz, the Cowardly Lion Sings along with "Don't give me that do-goody-good Bullshit", "... I think I need a Leer jet", and . . . in fact . . . all of the lyrics! He then proceeds to conduct the music!! In the words of Stegokitty himself, "The main part that I found myself watching for a good portion of time, was where the Cowardly Lion was singing in the Land of Oz, 'If I Were King of the Forest'. I was quite amazed at the way it sync'd up".

    109) "God only knows ...", as the Scarecrow bows before the "Great and Powerful Oz". His hands touch the floor on the word "God"! (Now do you believe?)

    110) "... and the front rank died", as the Cowardly Lion, who is in the front falls on his back on the word "died"!

    111) "Black and blue ...", The Scarecrow in Black, Dorothy in Blue.
    112) "... up, up, up, and down, down, down ...", as the Cowardly Lion runs up the hall and jumps down through the window. Fade to black on "down".

    113) "... the man with the gun ...", The Scarecrow is pointing a gun.

    114) "... With ... without ...", The first winged monkey takes off with Toto in his arms, and the second, without. (and after all, Toto is what the fighting is all about)

    115) " ... You make the change ...", as the Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and Tin Man tussle with the guards and make the change into their uniforms.

    116) The Tin Man chops on the heavy wooden door to rescue Dorothy in time with the booming sound of the drum.

    117) "... all you mistrust ...", as the castle doors slam shut.

    118) "... and everyone you fight ...", as the Scarecrow and the Tin Man chop the rope and drop the chandelier on the guards.

    Third Play of CD

    119) "... breath in the air ...", as Toto pulls back the curtain, giving the Wizard "the air".

    120) " Look around ...", Dorothy, The Scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin Man all look around to see who is behind that curtain.

    121) "... it's time to dig another one", as the Wizard points down.

    122) "... high you fly ...", and the Wizard touches his finger to the side of his nose, just like Santa when he wants to fly. (it also closes one nostril, as if to inhale a substance that could make him "fly high")

    123) "... you race toward an early grave", as the Wizard pulls out the Scarecrow's diploma, which looks remarkably like the scroll the coroner had earlier.

    124) The Wizard presents the Scarecrow with his "Doctorate of Thinkology" and the Scarecrow says "The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side." How many triangle references can their be? (How about this one?: The top of the "MUSICAL PROGRAM" credit page in the beginning of “The Wizard of Oz” is shaped like a pyramid. Nothing incredible until you add it to the hundreds of other similarities and syncs. It goes as deep as you imagine!

    125) Zhooming sound as the Wizard pulls the Cowardly Lion's Medal from his bag of tricks.

    126) (spoken words and maniacal laughter) "Live for today, gone tomorrow, that's me ........ hahahahahahaha ..........", (a reference to time) as the Wizard removes the Tin Man's new "heart" (a clock) from his little black bag and presents it to him. There is a ticking sound (brush on top hat?), as the Tin Man lets the others listen to the tick! Really good match.

    127) (maniacal laughter) Dorothy has a smile on her face.

    128) Scene transition to the Omaha State Fair balloon exactly as we hear the alarms at the beginning of "Time". It's Time for Dorothy to go home!

    129) "... Waiting for someone or something to show you the way ...", Dorothy is once again waiting for someone, this time Glinda, to show her the way.

    130) "... behind you again ..." and Glinda is behind Dorothy.

    131) "... but you're older ...", Dorothy waves Toto's paw at Glinda, who is older.

    132) "... closer to death ..." as Dorothy clicks her heels together 3 times. This one is just downright spooky.

    133) "Thought I'd something more to say", As Dorothy wakes up she's saying "... there's no place like home ..."

    134) "I like to be here when I can", and Professor Marvel (the Wizard) appears in the window.

    135) "... cold and tired ...", Dorothy is lying on her bed covered with a blanket!

    136) "... Calls the faithful to their knees ..." as Dorothy shakes her fist dramatically. (Two farmhands, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man, are on their knees. Their visit to check on Dorothy proves they are faithful.)

    137) " ... to hear .. Dorothy points at the fist two farm hands (two here!)

    138) "... the softly spoken ..." Dorothy points at the Cowardly Lion, who is most definitely soft-spoken.

    139) "... magic ...", Dorothy points at Professor Marvel (the Wizard!)

    140) "... spells", Dorothy touches her head. She has been under a "spell".

    141) "And I am not frightened of dying ...", First fade to black - on the word "dying".

    142) "Why should I be frightened of dying?" Second fade to black - on the word "dying" again!!!

    --- The End ?

    Total credit for the 142 lines goes to which is The DeVille's Workshop. We have the DVD and you will need this list. There are other lists of the syncs and this is the largest one.

    MK Cody
    "So if you're tired of the same old story! Oh! Turn some pages!" REO Speedwagon from Champaign/ Urbana, Illinois.

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    Unfortunately, I have heard of this for years, and it is a hoax... it is almost exactly like the bible code as far as I am concerned. We are both symbol using and symbol-making animals.

    I have a fair amount of experience doing english lit criticism, and if they planned all this out yet did it with such obvious and sometimes silly symbolism after producing a masterful album, the likes of which still has not been met, I simply cannot believe it is true even just for aesthetics' sake.

    Either way, all the members of floyd have said this was not done on purpose, that it is not anything to do with them, or the way they composed the music.

    It is fun, it is cute, but man this gets around, and there are some real mysteries not unlike this, even involved with the floyd.
    1. something that is contemplated, devised, or planned; plan; scheme.
    2. a large or major undertaking, especially one involving considerable money, personnel, and equipment.
    3. a specific task of investigation, especially in scholarship.
    4. to propose, contemplate, or plan.
    5. to throw, cast, or impel forward or onward.
    6. to set forth or calculate (some future thing).
    7. to extend or protrude beyond something else.
    8. to use one's voice forcefully enough to be heard at a distance, as in a theater.
    9. to produce a clear impression of one's thoughts, personality, role, etc.

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    I am sorry to say it, but I agree with Project... Dark Side of the Moon is such a masterful, powerful work... there is no way that it was composed to synch up with a film.. no way at all. The Wizard of Oz is so full of archetypes and symbolism that it is easy, easy, easy to find all sorts of things here if you dig deep enough. Believe me, I wish it were true, but it just isn't. Fun, cool, amazing... yes. True... no.

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    as a child that movie creeped me out, and as an adult I understand why.
    “It does not require many words to speak the truth.”
    Chief Joesph

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    As an aside, The documentary "Making of the Dark Side of the Moon" has been floating around the net for a while, might even be on YouTube by now.

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