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Thread: Streaming radio

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    Mozilla is a development environment with no intention to run by itself.
    the tool allows developers to push their way through the room of the O.S.
    Netscape did have to sue MS, because they could not run on Windows
    without access to the Windows code, to allow them to compete in the browser market. So tell me would you assume Netscape was dependent on MS code to make their browser useable?

    Firefox, simply picked up on what Netscape did before them. Firefox could not do anything without the code from MS so they could write it for windows. The browser is not standalone. It really does nothing that IE does not already do, it just does it differently, sometime more simply. It does not include all the important things that IE does in order to achieve the simplicity which people enjoy.

    If 90 percent of the apps are windows based and the browsers must interact with websites based on Windows Apps don't you think they are running windows code to achieve compatiblity?? In short it is just a dressed up IE browser with disadvantages.

    Being a Savant with an AA degree is nothing to be ashamed of, but I'd continue to pour over the actual data and step back to see how all these system are able to interact with each other securely.

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    works fine here in IE

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    firefox works fine, for me. if you have an older Mac, it may not. also, some sites want32 bit, other,64 bit. firefox will run in both, hope this helps, somewhat.

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    Someone had posted a link where you could listen to the show in the morning after - from Europe I think - anyone got that link? I searched but can't find it.

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    you might hear a slight echo

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